Boost Your Office Wellness Program November 8th, 2010, by Ken Buckley

Do you know your employees idea of the perfect office wellness program? Many organisations assume that they know what their staff want in terms of corporate wellness, and wellness programs ideas. However, they would be surprised by their employees’ response if they would take the time to directly survey them.

According to a recent survey conducted by Hope Health and targeting HR and wellness managers, the major reason why office wellness programs are not 100% successful is the lack of participation from employees. So the link is clear, you can provide an office wellness programs as expensive and creative as possible to your staff, but if they are not motivated and excited by its content, you won’t reach your KPI this year.

When you are building a wellness program, include in the development phase a survey to your staff to make sure you understand their health and wellness needs.

Here are a few examples of questions you can use to boost your corporate wellness program and find out what your employees really need and want from an office wellness program. You can also get some inspiration from the Corporate Health Checklist available to download on the right hand side:

Ask your staff how likely they would participate in each of the following programs, using a 1 to 5 system, 1= highly likely, 2 = likely, 3 = somewhat likely, 4 = unlikely, and 5 = highly unlikely

1. Health seminars programs, listing all the educational health and wellness seminars you have on offer (egonomics, exercise, drugs and alcohol, nutrition, sleep, fatigue, shift workers, work-life balance, women and men’s health, stress, mental health, winter and summer health, etc.)
2. Employee assistance program (EAP)
3. Office wellness massage program
4. Office wellness stress relief program
5. Office wellness smoking cessation program
6. Office wellness time management programs
7. Office wellness mental health program
8. Office wellness fitness programs including gym membership, fitness and pedometer challenges, team sports events, yoga/pilates classes, etc.
9. Office wellness screening programs including blood pressure, healthy heart, cholesterol, skin cancer, bone density, hearing, vision, etc.
10. Health Expos
11. Health Consultations including nutrition, iridology, posture, podiatry, reflexology
12. Health, wellness, and life coaching
13. Office wellness disease management program including flu vaccination

And most importantly, don’t forget to ask your staff about the best time for them to participate in a corporate wellness programs: before or after work or during lunch break, as their responses will give you valuable information to prevent low participation to happen.

For more information on boosting your office wellness program, contact Healthworks on 1300 90 10 90 (International: IDD 61-2-9954-1888 ) and be sure to quote: “post705” for eligibility of Healthworks latest online offers and Corporate Health initiatives.

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