Employee Health and Wellness Coaching

Help your employees achieve their full potential, by helping them overcome health issues which affect their personal health, fitness and wellbeing.
Healthworks offers two types of intensive Coaching session: Health Coaching and Wellness Coaching.

Health Coaching

Your employees’ health habits have a direct impact on their productivity. A talented employee can often be held back by lifestyle habits such as poor diet or lack of exercise.
Health coaching gives your employees intensive and highly effective support to help them break through barriers and achieve their personal health goals.
Healthworks’ Health Coaching Program achieves positive behavioural changes through a six week program.
During this time, participants work one on one with a health coach to achieve their personalised health goals of either weight management or exercise.

Wellness Coaching

Healthworks’ Wellness Coaching Program helps your key employees create a better and more balanced lifestyle, with more energy, greater confidence, and ultimately a higher level of productivity and efficiency.
The program runs over three months, and can be delivered over the phone, by Skype, or face to face as requested by the clients.
Our coaches are all recognised and experienced Wellness & Health Coaches who coach clients on evidence-based areas of wellness – physical activity, nutrition, weight, stress, and life satisfaction.
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  • "The focus on health and wellbeing in general has already permeated through [our] culture. The Healthworks team has always been professional, friendly and responsive..."
    Human Resources Manager, Oil & Gas Exploration company
  • "The staff at Healthworks are very professional showing honest and genuine interest in our employees’ wellbeing. They motivate and encourage staff to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviours here at work and at home. We always have a wonderful participation rate..."
    Corporate Wellness Consultant, Pharmaceutical company


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