How to create a healthy workplace

Health at work: start building a healthy workplace today

Your employees' health at work is a vital consideration for engagement, retention and attraction.

But sometimes it can seem all too hard. How on earth can you overcome all those barriers – financial, physical and cultural – to make your workplace healthier?

If only there was a recipe for creating a healthy workplace.

Checklist to change: a 33 point checklist for a healthy workplace

Lucky for you, there is. Healthworks’ Checklist to Change is a 33 question online quiz that takes you through questions about your workplace’s environment, culture and policies.

It then offers you simple changes you can make right now to start creating a healthy workplace.

The Checklist to Change helps you look at your workplace through the eyes of a corporate health consultant – at absolutely no cost.

The Checklist to Change covers the following aspects of a healthy workplace:
  • Physical aspects, such as stairs or showers
  • Nutrition, such as availability of fresh fruit
  • Exercise, such as no meetings in lunch breaks
  • Policies, such as management’s attitudes to flexible work.

  • Get the Checklist to Change now

    And start creating a healthy workplace today.