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September 2012

Spring into action with proactive safety and mental health ideas

Have you noticed a different vibe in your workplace this month? Spring can have the most amazing effect on morale and motivation, both personally and at work.

Spring also seems to be the most popular season for awareness days and events. These events give you an easy and effective way to focus your employees' attention on particular health and safety issues.

In this edition of Healthworks for You we aim to make your job easier, by helping you plan ahead for two major events next month -- Mental Health Week and National Safe Work Australia Week.

We hope you enjoy this energy-packed issue of Healthworks for You!

The Healthworks Team

Ready.... Set.... Spring!

Reduce stress, reduce costs

Step up!

Mental health has now overtaken physical injury as the cause of the longest absences from work in Australia, according to the ABS.

The ABS says more than half the people who suffer stress or other mental conditions on the job are taking five or more sick days off in a row. Safe Work Australia puts this figure at 10.8 weeks off a year.

So what can you do about it?

This absenteeism adds up. It's estimated that stress related presenteeism and absenteeism are directly costing Australian employers $10.11 billion a year.

But you don't have to just accept this as a rising trend. There are some clear actions you can take in your workplace which can directly help your employees reduce their stress.

And with Mental Health Week coming up on 7-13 October, you have a great opportunity to start to shift the culture at your workplace and help your employees manage their stress better.

Firstly, you can make sure the environment around your employees is supportive. You can't change your organisational culture overnight, but you can remind employees of the existing programs you have in place such as confidential counselling, or a phone line to report bullying.

Another vital step is to engage and educate your employees about how to manage their stress. Information, tools and skills about positive thinking, boosting resilience, assertiveness skills, positive self-talk and techniques such as deep breathing can make a huge difference -- both immediately and into the long term.

Healthworks' Positively Well Seminar is a good example. Presented by a qualified mental health psychologist, this seminar teaches your employees about the power of positive thinking, showing them how to change their thinking, to change their response to stressful situations. The seminar goes beyond the basics to offer lifelong tools for increased resilience and decreased stress.

Call us on 1300 90 10 or email us to find out more.

Safety begins with S but starts with U

Light heart. Really!

Do your employees prioritise safety above all else, everywhere everyday? Thought not. Blue collar and orange collar workers tend to be more safety-savvy than their white-collar colleagues, but even then the pressures of getting the job done on time often get in the way of safety.

National Safe Work Australia Week, coming up next month on 21-27 October, is a really useful event for reminding your employees about the importance of safety.

Find out how...

This year, Safe Work Australia's theme is "Safety begins with S but starts with U". If you sign up as a Safety Ambassador, you'll be able to access and download some useful resources such as posters and ideas for promoting Safety Week in your workplace. Visit the Safe Work Australia Week website for more details.

The week is also a great excuse to educate your employees on safety techniques through seminars or information resources.

We know it can be difficult to break through the clutter of your employees' workday to get their attention about safety. Ergonomics, manual handling, injury prevention -- these are all crucial topics, but too often delivered in unexciting ways.

Healthworks gives you a more engaging alternative. Our Manual Handling Seminars are presented by fully qualified Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists, who will clearly explain the correct techniques, and also provide exercises and tips and how to support and strengthen your body to prevent injury.

We also offer three popular booklets, Injury Prevention, Your Body At Work, and Manual Handling.

Call us on 1300 90 10 90 to find out more about our safety and WHS services, or send us an email.

National Health Events


What's happening in health and safety for the next few months?
There's lots of health events throughout 2012.
If we've missed one you think we should know about (and let's face it, we probably have), let us know!

1-30th International Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
Raising awareness of this important men's health issue. Check out our booklet on Men's Health, our magnets and our seminars.
1-30th (various) 2012 Doorknock Appeal The Heart Foundation's charity fundraiser. Healthworks has a booklet on heart care.
12th World Oral Health Day Smile! World Oral Health Day aims to promote awareness of oral health and hygiene.
28th Walk to Work Day An annual event which helps employers and employees to build regular walking into their daily routine. Put your best foot forward!
29th World Heart Day Promotes awareness of heart health. Healthworks has a booklet on heart care.
1-31st beyondblue Anxiety and Depression Awareness month Aims to activate, educate and engage people about mental health through a week of various events. Check out our booklet on staying Mentally Healthy.
7-13th Mental Health Week
World Mental Health Day (10th)
Aims to activate, educate and engage people about mental health through a week of various events. Check out our booklet on staying Mentally Healthy.
14-20th National Nutrition Week Educating people on the importance of good nutrition and what it means for health. Healthworks has a booklet on nutrition available and also seminars.
21-27th Safe Work Australia Week Put safety in the spotlight at your workplace during Safe Work Australia Week. Ask Healthworks how to make your workplace a safety success story.
22nd Pink Ribbon Day Raising awareness about breast cancer. Ask about our seminars and booklets on Women's Health and our magnets.
1-30th The Month of Movember An initiative to get men thinking about their health. The focus is on Depression and Prostate cancer but Men's Health is the overall theme. We have a booklet available, and check out our seminars and magnets too!
14th World Diabetes Day Over 600 buildings will light up across the world to raise awareness of diabetes and reflect The International Diabetes Federation theme: Diabetes education and prevention. Heart health and nutrition are key aspects.
TBC National Food Safety Week 4 million Australians get sick annually from eating food contaminated with bacteria or viruses. Some of this is due to poor handwashing habits. Check out our safety posters.
TBC National Skin Cancer Action Week The message is: Stay safe in the sun! Prevent skin cancer and sunburn. Check out our Summer Sense booklet.

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 Positvely Well

Ladies First
Think pink! October is all about the ladies so take care of your female workforce by offering them the opportunity to learn about their gender health issues and how to prevent them.
Check out our Women's Health magnets and seminars.

Calendars - get in early!

Man Up!
Every hour more than 5 men die prematurely in Australia from potentially preventable illnesses. With Movember coming up, now is the ideal time to educate men on their health and well-being.
Magnets are available, along with seminars and booklets.

Get Smart - and Safe.

Summer Action.
Winter's over and before you know it, summer will be here. So get your employees ready for action in the heat and check out our Summer Sense Packs. Sensible!

Juicy fruit...
Chew on this - the Corporate Health Juice! It's a blog devoted to health promotion in the workplace. Check it out  today.

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