Onsite gyms, corporate fitness centres and group classes

Healthworks onsite gyms, corporate fitness centres and group classes

The ultimate high powered way to transform your employees’ fitness, productivity and organisational culture

Whether you’re looking to boost your talent attraction and retention, or improve your employees’ health and productivity, or create a genuine culture of wellbeing, we have the corporate fitness solution to fit.
We design, operate and manage corporate fitness solutions for major corporations across Australia.
We offer group fitness classes, fully managed corporate fitness centres, and design and development of corporate fitness rooms.

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Healthworks Corporate Fitness Centres Healthworks Corporate Fitness Centres Healthworks Corporate Fitness Centres

Corporate fitness centres

Throughout our 30 years of experience, we have built a reputation as the provider of choice for employee health, fitness and wellness centres.
We design, setup and manage fitness facilities for major corporations across Australia. Our fitness centres generate above-par return on investment, delivering substantive improvements in employee engagement and productivity.

Customised design & setup

We provide a full-service consultancy, working with you from the beginning to design the perfect corporate fitness centre for your needs.
We start with a Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study, which includes:

  • stakeholder interviews
  • company needs survey
  • employee needs survey
  • financial projections.

We then design your centre from the ground up, including

  • facility layout
  • facility fit-out
  • fitness equipment selection
  • fitness equipment installation
  • audio-visual requirements
  • security considerations.

We then manage the implementation, including:

  • fitness centre policies and procedures
  • membership strategies
  • IT systems
  • equipment placement and installation.

Expert management

We run and manage your fitness centre for you.
Our Program Managers, Supervisors and Support Staff develop, implement and monitor fitness programs for your centre as a whole, and for each employee.
We provide individualised attention, giving members advice on technique, exercise alternatives for those with injuries, and ongoing motivation and encouragement.
We specialise in attracting and helping employees who don’t currently exercise – that group of people with the highest health risks, but the greatest improvements. We provide a safe, encouraging and unintimidating place, along with personalised support, to help new and lapsed exercisers discover the benefits of physical fitness.
We continuously monitor and assess your program and employee participation, providing ongoing recommendations plus a full Annual Report.

Corporate fitness rooms

You don’t need a massive space to have a corporate fitness solution.
We provide cost-effective mini-centres and employee fitness rooms, using spare space in your workplace – a spare office perhaps, or an unused part of your basement
We advise on and source appropriate fitness equipment, such as a multistation gym machine, or stationery bikes.
We provide expert advice on operations and policies. We can also provide Personal Trainers or Group Class Instructors according to your needs and budget.

We also provide Corporate Fitness Group Classes including bootcamps, meditation, yoga, Pilates, Zumba and circuit.

Want to find out more? Call Ken Buckley on 1300 90 10 90 or email Ken directly at ken@healthworks.com.au

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  • "The focus on health and wellbeing in general has already permeated through [our] culture. The Healthworks team has always been professional, friendly and responsive..."
    Human Resources Manager, Oil & Gas Exploration company
  • "The staff at Healthworks are very professional showing honest and genuine interest in our employees’ wellbeing. They motivate and encourage staff to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviours here at work and at home. We always have a wonderful participation rate..."
    Corporate Wellness Consultant, Pharmaceutical company


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