October already? August 16th, 2013, by Ken Buckley

If you’re like us, you’re probably already thinking several months ahead in terms of your workplace health and wellness programing.

In fact, we’re already working with clients on their 2014 calendar of events and activities – it’s amazing what you can organise ahead of time!

For other clients, we’re busy organising their October activities. October is the month for health awareness days, and usually our busiest month of the year.

Here’s just a glimpse of other health events in October:

1 October  International Day of Older Persons

4 October  World Smile Day

6-10 October World Mental Health Day

10 October  World Sight Day

12 October  International Arthritis Day

13-19 October  National Nutrition Week

14-18 October  National Mental Health Week

14-20 October  Be Medicinewise Week

15 October  Global Handwashing Day

16 October  Global Drug Safety

20-26 October  Safe Work Australia Week

28 October  Pink Ribbon Day


Hidden amongst these are three of the biggest weeks of the year in health and wellness:

  • National Nutrition Week
  • National Mental Health Week
  • Safe Work Australia Week (and now October is Safe Work Australia month!)

These National Awareness Weeks are fabulous opportunities to grab your employees’ attention on these topics, all of which have a direct bearing on overall productivity and health-related costs.

If you haven’t started organising anything yet, it’s not too late!  Here are some ideas to help you out:

 1.       Run seminars or webinars

An effective way to reach and engage large groups of employees, an onsite seminar or online webinar is a great way to educate your employees on health and safety issues and teach proactive strategies on how to avoid them.

For Nutrition Week, we have a Nutrition for Life seminar/ webinar

For Safety Week, we have a Manual Handling seminar/ webinar

For mental health, we have Positively Well, Stress Less and Worklife Balance seminars/ webinars.

 2.       Start a health challenge / campaign

Health challenges create a real positive energy and vibe in the workplace, and are one of the best ways to fulfil the “Tell me – Show me – Involve me” spectrum of employee engagement.

Chews to Change is a great nutrition campaign for employees, while  Balance Up is great for work-life balance skills.

 3.       Create the need for change through checks or consultations

Checks and consultations not only send a clear message that you care about your employees’ health, but they are powerful ways to instigate change in employee habits. When you receive hard data about your own personal health issues, delivered in person, it gives you real impetus to change your ways.

Consider our:

  • Nutrition consultations
  • Worklife Balance consultations
  • Wellness coaching
  • Ergonomics assessments
  • Any of our health checks.

4.       Create awareness with posters and booklets

Bring the message home with our range of safety booklets (Injury Prevention, Your Body At Work) or our wide range of safety posters.

We also have a Food Fix booklet & ebook, and a range of mental health booklets including Mentally Healthy, Stress Less and Work life Balance booklets & ebooks.


Need some expert help? We can help you develop a program that’s right for your employees and your budget. Call our Account Manager Gill Cavenagh on 1300 90 10 90, or email ask@healthworks.com.au

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