Our calendar of all the major national and international health awareness days is one of our most in-demand publications for corporate health & wellness professionals.

We usually reserve it for our clients, but as it’s so popular we thought we’d share it here for everyone.

Here’s our 2016 Calendar of Health Awareness Days  in Australia. Free to download.

The Calendar is a great way to keep your workplace wellness program fresh and relevant.

While it’s important to base your core activities on an indepth analysis of employee needs (eg via a health risk assessment), national health days can be useful for three reasons:

1. Ride the momentum

First, they allow you to piggyback off events that, lets face it, probably have a bigger promotions budget than your wellness program. RU OK day is a good one that springs to mind – it gets great publicity across the media each year.

It makes sense to mirror the same issue at the same time in your workplace. It helps channel your employees’ attention and shows you care.

And, as a bonus, the larger events usually provide free posters and images you can use to promote it internally. Easy!

2. Broaden the conversation

Secondly, national health days give you a good excuse to talk about a range of health issues, so you can  speak to the needs of diverse employees.

While your core corporate health program probably centres around exercise, nutrition, sleep and mental health, these national days let you incorporate issues such as Coeliac Disease, cancer, thyroid issues or chronic pain.

3. Create energy by getting involved

Thirdly, there are usually proactive ways your employees can get involved. Walking, cycling, holding morning teas and other fundraising ideas allow different employees to come together and make a difference in a healthy way.

Most events already have a website and signup form, so as the Wellness Coordinator all you have to do is encourage employees to join in – and then keep talking about it.

[Don’t forget to download and print out the calendar here]


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