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The 2020 August Health Calendar of major health awareness days is here!

Here are some ideas for health and wellness this month.

Remember, you can print out the entire year in a fresh look that you can put at your desk here (3MB) and in a linked version (that’s more for keeping on your desktop or laptop) here.

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  • All August
    Tradies National Health Month
    Tradies National Health Month focuses on educating and engaging tradies on the importance of full body health and safety.
    We have a range of training and resources that can be tailored to your workforce.
  • 3-9 August
    Dental Health Week
    The Australian Dental Association’s major annual oral health promotion event. Encourages everyone to think about their oral health.
  • 3-9 August
    Sleep Awareness Week
    Aims to improve people’s lives by promoting healthy sleep and raising awareness of sleep disorders.
    Our seminars, consultations and educational resources can get your workforce paying attention to their sleep patterns and improving them.
  • 7 August
    Jeans for Genes Day
    Australians unite on Jeans for Genes Day by wearing their favourite jeans, donating money and purchasing merchandise to support genetic research.
  • 13 August
    Left Handers Day
    Raising awareness of the needs of lefthanders worldwide.
  • 14 August
    Red Nose Day
    Is the major fundraiser for SIDS and Kids and provides vital services and programs to the Australian community in this area.
  • 28 August
    Daffodil Day (Cancer Council)
    Daffodil Day raises funds to give all Australians hope for a cancer free future.
  • 31 August-7 September
    National Stroke Week
    Stroke Foundation is encouraging Australians to discover how easy it is to fit healthy habits into their day and do their part to prevent stroke.

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