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5 Ways to Use Technology to Increase Your Employee Engagement in Health Programs

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A major driving force behind the way employees approach their health is the advent of health technology.

Thanks to mobile apps, social networks, forums, online chats, games and devices, the pursuit of better health is made easier and more approachable for both employees and employers.
You can use Health Technology to underpin your health strategy, support and inspire your staff, and improve their health engagement, hence their productivity.

If you are not sure where to start, simply follow the trend. Most organisations currently using health technologies have adopted technologies that are online version of existing offline wellness components, such as challenges and competitions. Bringing such programs online improves employees’ awareness and perception of wellness effort, is more cost effective, allows for easier cross-promotion of other health and wellness initiatives and leads to higher engagement in health and wellness programs.

The first Technology + Employee Wellness Survey, conducted in 2012 by ShapeUp, reported that, of all survey respondents:

• 64% cited improving employee health engagement as the primary goal of their company’s health communication strategy.
• 89% believe their employees are interested in health technology tools, and 87% agree that it’s important to educate employees about these tools even if they don’t provide them.
• 94% believe health technology is instrumental in improving employee perceptions of their wellness effort, while 93% believe it increases use of their wellness resources and 90% confirm it has a positive impact on employee health engagement

Interestingly, employers who have adopted or plan to adopt health technologies focus their use on three primary areas: general health communication, physical activity, and weight management.
But throwing technology at the problem without proper strategy and/or support programs may not accomplish the desired result.

Here are five ways that will help engage your employees in your health and wellness program:
Make it as easy as possible to participate
• Use gentle reminders
• Offer engaging programs
• Provide incentives that motivate your staff
• Include social support systems

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