Activate My Wellbeing Challenge

Activate My Wellbeing

Resource Centre for the Occ Health Group

Activity Booklet

Webinar Registrations

Poster: Week 1: Building Support

Handout: Tips for Having a Conversation

Handout: Strategies to Manage Stress

Poster: Support Network Tips

Beyond Blue Anxiety Checklist

Activity: R U OK? Role Play

Webinar Registrations

Handout: Mindfulness Practice

Handout: The Perfect Sleep Routine

Poster: Week 2 Rest and Relaxation

Poster: Sleep Hygiene Tips

Activity Sheet: Set a Self-Care Goal

Poster: How to Practise Mindful Eating

Webinar Registrations

Handout: Women's Health

Handout: Men's Health

Handout: Creating Healthy Habits

Poster: Week 3: Physical Wellbeing

Poster: A Quick Home Workout

Video: Yoga With Adrienne

Video: Workout With Natacha

Activity Sheet: Goal Setting

Webinar Registrations

Handout: Brain Superfoods

Handout: Healthy Eating Explained

Poster: Week 4: Nutrition For Wellness

Poster: 2 and 5 Serves

Poster: Brain boosting foods