Activate My Wellbeing Challenge

Activate My Wellbeing Challenge Webinar Recordings

Activate My Wellbeing CHallenge

Week 1 Challenge Webinars

How To Have A Conversation

This session provides practical advice including tips on how to start a mental health conversation; how to engage someone who is struggling and what further support you can offer.

Strategies to Manage Stress

This session helps employees take control of their stress and teaches effective strategies and techniques to help them manage their stress for improved health, wellbeing and productivity.

Week 2 Challenge Webinars

A Simple but Effective Mindfulness Practice

You will learn some tips for getting started with mindfulness meditation and participate in a guided meditation that you can use to cultivate a regular mindfulness practice.

How to Create the Perfect Sleep Routine

When was the last time you woke up feeling rested and refreshed after a solid 8 hr sleep? Unfortunately, for most of us, it wasn’t recently. Approximately 30 – 45 % of Australians struggle with insomnia or inadequate sleep. The good news is that creating a Sleep routine can improve both the quantity and quality of your sleep.

Week 3 Challenge Webinars

A Decade by Decade Guide to Good Health

Join us for this comprehensive checklist, with an emphasis on prevention and early detection of health problems: A decade by decade guide to good health for everyone.

Creating Healthy Habits

Behavioural scientists who study habit formation say we try to create healthy habits the wrong way. Our big bold New Year’s Resolutions are doomed for failure. Learn how to create new healthy habits that stick.

Deskercise Stretching Session

Join Exercise Physiologist Tanya van Zyl for a 30 minute Deskercise Stretching Session. These sessions are great to get you moving, reduce any muscle tension and most importantly, to break up periods of prolonged sitting!

Virtual Workout Session

Join our in-house Health and Fitness Coach Katherine Rothwell for a 30 minute workout session. All fitness levels are welcome, with modified exercises available.

Week 4 Challenge Webinars

Brain Superfoods

This session explains how and why a healthy diet is vital for the brain, and provides proactive tips and guidelines on how to eat to boost your concentration, memory and mood. Find out what foods to include and what foods to avoid to maximise your brain health.

Healthy Eating Explained

We have a greater variety of food than ever before, yet diseases resulting from poor food choices are on the rise. We all know how hard it can be to fit in a healthy meal during a day, and it’s all too easy to grab a salty, fatty or sugary snack on the go. This session will provide you with tips to make more nutritious food choices.

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