Corporate health challenges

Corporate health challenges

Bring the power of gamification to your workplace

Two forces are changing the face of workplace health: Gamification and wearable tech.

Gamification – the art of applying game playing techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals – has become an expected feature of good learning & development, employee engagement programs and, best of all, workplace wellness.

Wearable tech – those ubiquitous activity trackers such as Fitbits and Garmins, are now used by 35% of Australians. Many employers are discovering how they can drive employee performance, productivity and health.

Healthworks brings these two forces together, offering gamified challenges, integrated with wearable tech.

It’s all part of our Activate digital health platform.

Online and offline challenges

As well as our high tech digital challenges, we also offer paper-based challenges that don’t need regular online access.
All our challenge work to strengthen your organisation’s culture, creating an energised vibe, social bonding and can-do attitude.

Even more importantly, these challenges are a catalyst for genuine health changes, giving your employees the boost and direction they need to start creating a healthier lifestyle.

Online employee health challenges

Uluru Challenge

(Team-based challenge) Take your employees on a virtual trek from Kakadu to Uluru. Employees walk an equivalent of 10,000 steps a day to reach weekly targets. In teams of four, your employees will encourage each other and compete with other teams to increase their daily step count, (producing) health benefits.

Sleep Challenge

(Individual challenge) Help your employees improve their sleep for better mental, emotional and physical performance. Each week, employees work towards another sleep goal – an expert tactic or strategy that’s proven to improve the quality and quantity of sleep.

Nutrition Challenge

(Team-based challenge) Give your employees the advice, support and motivation they need to fix their eating habits and make lasting, healthy changes to their diet. Each week, teams of employees are tasked with a new food challenge, such as reducing sugar or increasing vegetables and fibre. Employees earn points for taking part and achieving each nutrition goal.

Challenges for offline employees

Not everyone has access to a computer or device, we understand that. We’ve developed several offline challenges, which employee can do with pen and paper.
Engaging, with expertly designed printed materials, these provide a structured process that employees can take to change their bad habits, and establish healthy behaviours.

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A Nutrition, Exercise and Weight Loss campaign that combines personal one-on-one consultations with group discussions.

Employees learn expert tips on how to lose weight and keep it off.

Fitness Challenge

A team-based challenge that helps employees increase their physical activity in a unique, fun and interesting way.

It takes employees on a 4 week “virtual tour” down the Great Ocean Road, which employees cover by doing and logging daily exercise.

Outback Walkabout

This individual step challenge encourages employees to take 10,000 steps a day.

The Challenge takes employees on a 4 week trek from Kakadu to Uluru.

Employees receive a pedometer and progress card.

Balance Up

Balance Up is a work-life balance program that helps your employees re-establish balance in their life.

The campaign motivates and empowers your employees to manage stress, exercise, relationships and wellbeing so that they can maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Chews to Change

This nutritional campaign motivates your employees to make small changes to their eating habits, to deliver big results.

It educates employees about eating for a healthy heart, healthy digestive system and increasing the intake of disease-fighting antioxidants.

Program management and inclusions

Healthworks Challenges include the following extras:

  • promotional materials including posters, teaser emailers and reminder emailers.
  • delivery of campaign materials where relevant, such as welcome letters, booklets, tent cards, pedometers and food samples.
  • event coordination, including overseeing bookings, organising incentives, announcing results, coordinating employee surveys.
  • evaluation report.

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  • "The focus on health and wellbeing in general has already permeated through [our] culture. The Healthworks team has always been professional, friendly and responsive..."
    Human Resources Manager, Oil & Gas Exploration company
  • "The staff at Healthworks are very professional showing honest and genuine interest in our employees’ wellbeing. They motivate and encourage staff to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviours here at work and at home. We always have a wonderful participation rate..."
    Corporate Wellness Consultant, Pharmaceutical company


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