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Corporate Wellbeing and Your Employees

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As corporate wellbeing becomes increasingly recognised as a fundamental driver in an organisation’s success, more and more companies are choosing to implement tailored corporate health programs to attract and protect their valued employees.

Initiatives designed to enhance company health and wellness help to foster a positive relationship between staff and upper management, boosting productivity and delivering a sense of corporate wellbeing employees appreciate and benefit from.

Additionally, by encouraging and supporting employees to take control of their health behaviours, organisations are able to reduce health related expenses such as absenteeism, presenteeism and workers’ compensation costs.

A best practice corporate health program always provides a range of initiatives to achieve a corporate wellbeing balance in the workplace based on individual business needs.

A third party corporate health program provider should be able to assess organisational needs and tailor a results oriented program that focuses on preventative strategies, skills and techniques for long term returns on investment.

While the details and budget will vary between organisations, most programs will include marketing, educational seminars, a launch or expo, an assessment of the work environment and some form of annual health assessment to measure changes in corporate wellbeing during each phase of the program.

When assessing the work environment, it’s important that both the physical environment and ‘policy environment’ are equally addressed.

Most employees spend the majority of their waking hours in the workplace so an environment designed to support corporate wellbeing is crucial to the uptake and maintenance of healthy behaviours. Once ergonomics are addressed, the physical environment should ideally be fitted out to support daily physical activity and proper nutrition.

Exercise facilities or showers and lockers for those wishing to walk or cycle to work are a great way to facilitate adequate exercise, while ditching unhealthy vending machines and snacks for fruit baskets and water fountains supports employees in adopting a healthy diet.

Addressing the policy environment of the workplace for corporate wellbeing is similar to addressing the physical environment, however policies rather than physical facilities to support corporate health and wellbeing should be developed such as a healthy catering policy or weekly walking meetings.

Consider having a fitness instructor come and conduct a regular lunchtime aerobics or yoga class in a spare meeting room, or hire a corporate massage company to provide employees with short stress busting, mood elevating massages  at their desks. These sorts of rewards not only enhance employee wellness and productivity, but also help to attract and retain talented staff – the most precious business asset of all.

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