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So, we’ve created a Manifesto. Now, to those of you who know us and work with us, this might seem a little unusual for us – a little self-important, perhaps. While we’re a pretty passionate bunch, we’re not particularly strident in a fist-shaking way.

But the thing is, we felt we needed a way to share our abiding belief in the importance of  employee wellness. The Manifesto claims a simple truth: employees who feel great are more likely to do great work.

We believe employee wellness does more than deliver ROI and improve talent attraction and retention – we believe it can transform lives. The Manifesto is a statement of our belief in the power of corporate health to uplift, strengthen and energise both employees and their organisation as a whole, to help them achieve their potential.

We’re sure you will share in many of these beliefs, and we hope our Manifesto inspires you to keep on delivering awesome wellness opportunity for your own employees.

You can view the Manifesto here on our website, or download a print version here.


What statements  would you like to see added to the Manifesto? Share your thoughts in the comments.




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