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The upcoming National Safe Work Month 2020 this October has the theme of Work Health and Safety through COVID-19.

While the focus is on safety and risk assessment, it’s important to acknowledge that not everything can, or should, be all about COVID, all the time.

While we all need to be mindful of the current guidelines and restrictions, broadening our health, safety and wellness horizons beyond hand sanitiser and PPE can help us (and our workforce!) focus on more positive things.

What sort of focus are we talking about?

With the advent of COVID-19 and the subsequent changes that we’ve all had to make, workshops and sessions focusing on “Mental Health in Uncertain Times” and “Corona-stress” became incredibly popular. And with good reason. This was information that people were actively seeking, and providing it helped not only employees, but businesses too.

While these issues still face us, it may prove beneficial and a welcome change of focus now that we are several months down the track. Topics like sleep, mindfulness, nutrition, ergonomics are all still relevant, perhaps even more so these days, but may have been left behind in the rush to provide pandemic-specific information. People may not even consider seeking information on these topics until they’re presented as an option.

And because they are health and wellness, these topics lend themselves well to remote sessions or small in-house workshops.

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If you don’t see a topic you’re considering, ask us about it.
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