Health Consultations

Our employee health consults provide a double dose of health benefits, giving you a detailed assessment of your employees’ health risk, and your employees a personal, face-to-face session with a qualified professional.

Health Consultations

Our Employee Health Consultations are a personal yet supportive way to identify and manage health issues within the workplace setting.

Our consultations range from 10-20 minutes and include a one-on-one consultation with a qualified health professional. These sessions are designed to encourage individuals to ask questions, allowing them to receive personalised advice and recommendations. At the conclusion of the consultation, employees are provided with information around positive and practical health tips they can put into immediate practice.

Nutrition Consultation

Helps employees make positive changes to their diet and eating habits. Our qualified Nutritionists assess employees’ current nutritional status.

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Shows your employees how to properly adjust their workstation and provides the opportunity to modify their workstation under professional supervision.

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Podiatry Consultation

These Consultations are conducted by a fully qualified Podiatrist and provides an assessment of employees’ gait and general foot health.

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Work Life Consultation

These individual life coaching consultations are a highly effective way of identifying key areas that are ‘out of balance’ in employees lives, whilst giving them the strategies needed to help maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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Reflexology Consultation

Reflexology involves massaging and applying pressure to a number of reflex points in the feet to stimulate the flow of energy, blood nutrients and nerve impulses to the corresponding body zone.

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Seated Massage

These fully clothed neck and shoulder massages help relieve tension and provide a welcome way for employees to relax and recharge.

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Sleep Well Consultation

Our Sleep Consultants give your employees a one-on-one consultation to help them understand their sleep issues and show them active steps they can take to improve their sleep.

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Iridology Consultation

The Healthworks Iridologist will use iridology techniques to assess the discolourations in the eye, to give feedback and provide advice on further treatment.

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Health consultations are a great way to empower employees to make positive change

What you get

Our Health Consultations may included the following extras:

  • Marketing posters/emailers customised for your organisation
  • Program management and online booking system
  • Individual results booklet for every participant
  • A comprehensive Corporate Report*
  • Referral to the employee’s GP if required, plus a follow up with consent to referred employees

*for 12 employees or more

We provide a full-service program, including program management and internal promotion. All consultations are delivered by qualified professionals.

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