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Workplace Health Expos

We organise health expos designed to inspire and motivate your employees. Our events bring health discussions to the forefront, promoting physical wellness, mental health, and emotional well-being at your workplace.

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Why Host a Workplace Health Expo?

Our onsite Workplace Health Expos are an inspiring and exciting way to focus employee attention on their health and wellness. They send a strong message to employees that you care about their health, while also providing you data and analysis of the health of your employees.

We will work with you to customise your Workplace Health Expo to meet your particular needs, with a strategic mix of demonstrations, health checks, consultations, and educational resources.

We will organise the stalls and health professionals, and promote your expo, providing posters, teaser emails and booking links prior to the event.

After the event, we’ll provide a comprehensive report (for applicable services) that provides an analysis of the health status of your employees and recommendations for improvement in key areas.

Stalls Available for Your Workplace Health Expo

We work with you to design a Health Expo that best suits your organisation, headcount, available space, resources, duration and intended focus of the day. Stalls can include:

Body Composition

Weighing the risks

Body composition is one of the major predictors of chronic diseases. Visitors to this stall will get their body measurements taken in a 15 minute check.

By completing this series of measurements, we can establish an understanding of each visitor’s body composition and the associated health risk for them.

They will then be provided with tailored advice and practical strategies for healthy weight management.

Duration: 10 minutes per participant

Diabetes Risk Assessment

What’s the Risk?

Over 40? Overweight? Don’t exercise much? You’re at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The onset of Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed with some lifestyle changes – but you need to know your risk.

Visitors to this stall will be guided through the AUSDRISK tool to determine their risk of developing diabetes. They will then be provided with guidance on what actions they can take to reduce that risk.

Duration: 10 minutes per participant.

Group Classes and Workshops


Our group classes are ideal for keeping employees motivated, energised and focused throughout the entire day.  Your team will return to work refreshed and focused. Classes run for  30 minutes and can be scheduled multiple times throughout the expo to capture different audiences.

  • Warm Up / Stretch
  • Core Strength and Stability
  • Mindfulness

Healthy Snack Stand

Inspire your team with healthy food ideas!

Everyone loves free food, so why not draw a crowd to your Expo with some healthy treats for your workers? Visitors will have the opportunity to sample healthy snacks or take a snack homee with them.

Our healthy snack stand provides education on on how to chose a healthy snack with a range of healthy options to choose from.

Optional Extra: For for an even better experience this stand can be manned by a Nutritionist who will be available to answer any questions visitors have about their specific diet, or they may have questions about their results from the Express Heart Check or Body Composition Check. Information and fact sheets will be available to take home.

Health & Wellbeing Education

Healthworks seminars and training are designed to up-skill your workforce and motivate them to take control of their own health and wellbeing. Your employees will walk away from our sessions with practical health information and realistic strategies that will improve their personal health, safety, and wellbeing.

Our education and training sessions are categorized into key 4 pillars: Wellbeing, Mental Health, Nutrition and General health.

  • Nutrition
  • General Health
  • Wellbeing
  • Mental Health

Healthworks offer over 50 health and wellbeing topics. Here are just a few examples to choose from:

  • Healthy Eating Explained
  • Tips for starting a mental Health conversation
  • Mens/Women’s Health through the decades
  • Night owl versus early bird – how to maintain an effective work routine
  • Strategies to Manage stress
  • The foundations of Sleep
  • Mindful Eating
  • Healthy Heart

Heart Health Checks

Encourage everyone to Know Their Numbers!
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australia yet it is largely preventable. Visitors to the Express Heart Health Check stall will be provided with an overview of their current health status and heart disease risk by measuring:

  • Blood pressure
  • Resting heart rate
  • Waist Circumference
  • Blood Glucose
  • Total Cholesterol

Participants will receive a handout with their results and risk profile. Those who are assessed as being at risk in any of the areas tested will be encouraged to visit their GP for further investigations.
Duration: 10 minutes per participant

Injury Prevention

Healthworks’ functional movement classes provide employees with a proactive tool to reduce the risk and likelihood of an injury occurring. These classes are:

  • Interactive, engaging and fun
  • Run by an Injury Prevention Specialist
  • Designed to educate and empower employees by providing techniques to prevent injuries.

Injury prevention stalls can be provided as individual consultations or as 30 minute group demonstrations run at specific times during the Health Expo.

  • ‘Roll Me Out’ Spikey Ball Program
  • ‘Ship Shape Shoulders’ Theraband Program

Lifestyle Consultations

How many employees have a health goal that they’re struggling to achieve? Or maybe they just aren’t sure how to be healthy?

Lifestyle consultations are a great opportunity for employees to discuss their unique health goals with a health professional, whether it’s related to improving exercise, sleep, nutrition or general health.

Visitors to the stall will receive:

  • A 10 minute 1:1 consultation with a health professional dedicated to discussing their key health concern such as sleep, nutrition, weight management or exercise.
  • Personal advice and practical information to help the employee improve their health
  • A handout with resources and tools to assist in achieving their unique goals and staying accountable
  • This stall is great to accompany heart check stalls, where visitors will have the opportunity to chat with the health professional regarding any questions they may have about their results from the Express Heart Check.

Duration: 10 minutes per participant.

Lung Function

Take a breath

This 10 minute check will give visitors to the stall an overview of their lung function. This test measures lung volume and lung efficiency to provide an objective measurement of overall lung fitness.

The aim of this spirometry test is to assess variability of airflow obstruction, and to measure the degree of airflow obstruction compared to predicted normal values. Our trained staff obtain high-quality spirometry results with assurance of acceptability and repeatability criteria being met.

This check will calculate the ratio of two key measures:

  • Forced vital capacity (FVC): Volume of lungs from full inspiration to forced maximal expiration.
  • Forced expired volume (FEV1): Volume of air expelled in the first second of a forced expiration.

Once the test is conducted, visitors have a chance to discuss their results and strategies for improvement.

Duration: 10 minutes per participant

Mental Health

1 in 5 Australians will experience poor mental health every year, and yet many people are usure of where or how to access help when they need it. Others have noticed a friend or family member is struggling but don’t know how to start a conversation about mental health.

Our Mental Health professional will be available to answer common questions such as how to access help, how to support someone who may be struggling and how to know when it’s time get help. We will have a range of printed resources available from recognized and trusted resources such as Beyond Blue, Black Dog Institute and Border Express’ Employee Assistance Program.

Note – the information provided at this stall will be general in nature and will not include the provision of one-on-one counselling for individuals.

Nutrition Consultations

Fast Food Consultations

Your nutrition choices have a direct impact on your concentration, energy levels – and long-term health.

Poor nutrition is also a major risk factor for chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, which are in turn a major contributor to workplace absenteeism, presenteeism and reduced productivity.

Visitors to this stall will be able to determine their current nutritional status and our qualified nutritionists will provide them with advice and suggestions on improvement.

This stall is great to accompany heart check stalls, where visitors will have the opportunity to chat with the nutritionist regarding any questions they may have about their results from the Express Heart Check.

Duration: 10 minutes per participant.

Podiatry Consultation

Step it up!

The health of your feet and lower limbs can have wide-ranging impacts on your overall health and wellbeing. Lack of understanding of your natural gait can lead to inappropriate footwear selection and subsequent skeletal or muscular complications; all of which can reduce productivity.

Visitors to this stall will get a 15 minute podiatry consultation with a fully qualified podiatrist who will conduct an assessment of their gait and general foot health, engage them in a discussion of concern areas (and referral to specialist if needed) and provide advice on appropriate footwear for each visitor’s foot, gait and occupation.

Duration: 15 minutes per participant.

Seated Massage

Get ready to relax!

Our massage stalls are extremely popular at health expos. These fully clothed neck and shoulder massages help relieve tension and provide a welcome way for visitors to relax and recharge.

Studies have proven that massage sessions can help decrease fatigue, reduce anxiety and enhance mental clarity; all of which improve wellness and productivity.

Massage sessions per visitor can be any length, starting at 5 minutes – we’ll work with you to determine the best session length for your event.

You can have the sessions as walk ins, booking only, or a mix of both.

Sleep Consultations

 This could be a wake up call

Around a quarter of all adults have trouble with sleeping. Sleep deprivation and sleep disruption have a direct impact on work performance, and are linked to lower safety, productivity and learning.

The Healthworks Sleep Consultant will help visitors to this stall understand their sleep concerns and show them active steps they can take to improve their sleep.

Duration: 10 minutes per participant.

Smoothie Stand

Make a big impression with your health & wellbeing expo!

Our smoothie stand will get the ball rolling on your program in a fun (and nutritious) way!

It will have employees talking about and looking forward to the upcoming wellbeing initiatives coming their way.

The stand can involve smoothies or other easy-to-create nutritious foods.

Visitors will have the opportunity to sample what is being made, chat with the nutritionist regarding any questions they may have and take the recipe home with them.


Can you see it?

Poor vision can cause numerous workplace health and safety  issues, including high risk of injury and accident. Over time, it can result in unnecessary absenteeism and stress.

Our Vision stall provides 10 minute checks that will test visitors for short sightedness, long-sightedness, any signs of colour blindness and macular degeneration.

The results will provide visitors with a vital first step in ensuring pre-existing conditions are not exacerbated by occupational eye strain.

Duration: 10 minutes per participant.

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We had a fantastic day today with the Health Day. The team were excellent.

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