COVID-19 vaccination consent and status

Over recent weeks and days, some industries and individual organisations have moved to mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations for their workforce. We expect that more businesses may do this over the coming weeks and months.  As we service many of these organisations, it has come to our attention that we will also need to be fully vaccinated in order to deliver face to face services onsite.

In order to assist us to meet the requirements of our clients, we are seeking your consent to the disclosure of your current COVID-19 vaccination status. Should you choose not to disclose this information, this may have an impact upon our ability to schedule your work.

Right to Privacy and Consent

By providing this consent, you understand that:

  • You are providing Bodycare with medical information which is limited to your COVID-19 vaccination status or any documentation that you have supplied or has been sent on your behalf in response to this request;
  • Any information released to Bodycare will be used solely for the purpose of performing your role at Bodycare Workplace Solutions and Healthworks
  • You have given consent freely and voluntarily;
  • Bodycare has appropriate security systems to protect your COVID-19 vaccination status information by way of a secured cloud service. The information is stored in Australia. Our data partner who manages the cloud service must meet our requirements for privacy, confidentiality, and data security.
  • You may withdraw consent at any time;
  • Provision of your Covid-19 vaccination will form part of your employment record until the cessation of your employment.
  • The information will be treated confidentially; and
  • You may request a copy of this consent form at any time.

Please fill out the form below to disclose your notice of consent.