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Participant Release of Information Consent pursuant to Federal Privacy Act 1988 (AU) or Privacy Act 1993 (NZ)

  • I confirm that my participation in this Health Check is voluntary.

  • I acknowledge that any personally identifiable health information obtained in conjunction with this health check will be protected and will only be used in accordance with this agreement and applicable laws pertaining to the use of personal health information.

  • I understand that any health information obtained, may be used to compile a deidentified aggregate report for my company/employer. My individually identifiable health information will not be shared with my employer.

  • I consent to the collection of blood pressure, body composition data (including waist circumference, height, weight, BMI) and a blood sample for the purpose of measuring my cholesterol and glucose levels.

  • I understand that the data derived from the check is considered to be preliminary and for screening assessments only. The data collected does not constitute a diagnosis. The responsibility for initiating a follow-up examination to confirm the results of this screening and obtain professional medical assistance is mine alone and not that of my employer or any organisation associated with these health checks.

  • I hereby give Bodycare Health & Wellbeing Pty Ltd consent to release the de-identified results of my health questionnaire as part of an aggregate result to the relevant department of my employer.


    Check Type



    What is your smoking status?

    Alcohol Consumption

    On average, how many standard drinks do you have on week nights?
    On average, how many standard drinks would you consume on a weekend evening or a special occasion?

    Physical Activity

    How many days a week do you exercise for at least 30 minutes?
    How many hours do you spend sitting, on an average day?


    Over the past week, on average how many hours of sleep did you get each night?

    Diet & Nutrition

    How many cups of plain water do you usually drink per day?
    How many servings of fruit do you usually eat each day?
    How many servings of vegetables do you usually eat each day?
    How many times a week do you eat a fast food meal?
    On average, how many sugary drinks do you consume each week?


    Rate your stress levels over the last month:


    In the past 4 weeks, about how often:

    ...did you feel tired out for no good reason?
    ...did you feel nervous?
    ...did you feel so nervous that nothing could calm you down?
    ...did you feel hopeless?
    ...did you feel restless or fidgety?
    ...did you feel so restless you could not sit still?
    ...did you feel depressed?
    ...did you feel that everything was an effort?
    ...did you feel so sad that nothing could cheer you up?
    ...did you feel worthless?
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    Blood Pressure

    Systolic result
    Diastolic result

    Resting Heart Rate

    Resting heart rate result


    Total Cholesterol result
    HDL Cholesterol result
    TC: HDL Ratio result
    LDL Cholesterol result
    Triglycerides result
    CVD Risk (%)

    Blood Glucose

    Blood glucose - fasting or non-fasting?
    Blood glucose result (fasting)
    Blood glucose result (non-fasting)
    Diabetes Risk Score

    Body Composition

    Waist circumference (male)
    Are you pregnant?
    Waist circumference (female)
    Height (cm)
    Weight (kg)
    BMI value
    BMI range

    Follow Up

    Are you under the care of a GP?
    Is a follow up required?