High tech digital solutions for innovative employee wellness

High Tech digital solutions for innovative employee wellness

Gamify your workplace wellness and supercharge your employees’ health

Activate is a high tech, low cost, mobile responsive corporate health solution that gives you everything you need to engage and energise your employees.

It gives your employees 24/7 access to gamified team challenges, integration with wearable tech, expert content, fresh proactive campaigns, and a world-class health risk appraisal, all in one plug-and-play platform.

All for a fraction of the cost of a full wellness program.

Check out the Activate website at activateyourworkforce.com.au


Why you need it What you get How it makes your job easier

Why you need it

Workplace wellness is changing

Corporate wellness is changing fast. Employees now expect to access health information, data and support 24/7.

They expect to get timely, personalised support for their wellness efforts – and be rewarded for it. They want it all on their smartphone or tablet whenever and wherever they are.

And they want it integrated with their Fitbit or Garmin or other wearable tech.

As an HR Manager, you also want to harness power of these mobile technologies. You know they’ll help your employees and your business.

You know they’ll give you a better way to engage your employees in your wellness program and, what’s more, motivate them to make real changes to their health and productivity.

You know a good digital platform will cut your reporting time in half, giving you an easier way to measure participation, engagement – and real life health changes.

To do all this yourself is incredibly expensive and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve built it for you.

What you get

A complete corporate health program – online.

Activate combines the latest advances in HR, technology and health & wellness, to bring you a fully mobile responsive workplace wellness solution.

Activate packages the most effective elements of an industry leading wellness program into one online solution. It gives you online health appraisals, personal training programs, expert fitness, nutrition and health content, gamified challenges and personal progress trackers.

It all works to create an energised, can-do culture, giving a real boost to your employer brand.

You can take the standard platform, or you can customise it to create your own branded wellness platform, fully integrated, gamified and ready to go.

Power packed with features

There’s no other product on the market that offers such depth of content, ease of use and range of features:

    • MyHealthCheck: online health assessment
    • Expert content on mental health and physical health
    • Gamified activity challenges
    • Wearable tech integration
    • Online personal training programs
    • Personal progress tracker
    • Monthly health themes
    • Integration with corporate tools and systems
    • Self help tools
    • Customisation options

How it makes your job easy

Activate gives you a low cost, low stress yet high impact corporate wellness solution.

It makes your job incredibly easy, because we manage it all for you. We keep it fresh with the latest health news and content, we run the team challenges, we send the emails and manage the system.

We keep your employees engaged, through a gamified points system, and ongoing bi-monthly campaigns, news, content and activities.

This not only helps your high risk employees shift their health habits, but rewards your already healthy employees for staying healthy.

It takes the guess work out of developing a corporate health program: you know you’re getting industry-leading solutions developed by experts.

Try it for yourself

To really appreciate the power of Activate, you need to experience it for yourself. That’s why we’re offering you a free demonstration of Activate.

Request a free demo now

Need more information before you try? Check out the Activate website at activateyourworkforce.com.au

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