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How Important are Annual Health Assessments in the Workplace?

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When we talk about evaluating corporate health data it’s important to remember that the success of all corporate health programs lie at the root of positive health behaviour change, so it makes sense to measure and evaluate this change on a regular basis.

Program evaluation is an ongoing process, and some aspects of a corporate health and wellbeing program need more regular analysis than others, but a thorough audit of behavioural and biometric data should be carried out periodically to increase the efficacy of a program.

Meaningful health changes don’t happen overnight and 12 monthly health assessments allow enough time to pass to ensure a useful comparison with the previous year’s data, plus when ran annually they also aren’t too burdensome on staff and organisers.

An annual event such as a health expo can also provide a fun sense of occasion that employees can look forward to and enjoy when they discover positive results, or a reminder to get healthy when the results are not so encouraging.

Conducting Annual Health Screenings

Hiring a corporate health program provider to organise a fun onsite ‘health expo’ or health assessment days that incorporates biometric screening is a great way to annually assess organisation health. Too often, unhealthy employees have no idea of their poor health status until their conditions have become severe enough to require medical attention, and sadly by this point irreversible damage may have been done.

A corporate health provider can provide simple and unobtrusive voluntary screenings that will pick up early danger signs such as high blood pressure, high BMI and high cholesterol. By teaming this crucial data with education and a supportive workplace environment, employees can work at improving their overall health and fitness with a goal to see improvements in 12 months time.

At the same time, after the completion of the health assessment or expo, the health and wellness provider can then present aggregate information on the overall health status of the organisation which can be compared to last year’s findings.

The Corporate Health Benefits of Annual HRAs

Online health risk appraisals are the buzz in corporate health right now and, when conducted every 12 months, are a terrific way to evaluate and maximise the ROI on programs.

An online HRA is an electronic health questionnaire that employees take 10-15 minutes to complete. After being surveyed on a range of health and lifestyle behaviours from eating habits to work satisfaction, they receive a confidential individual report detailing their personal health risk status.

Once all of the HRAs have been completed, the employer then receives an aggregate report including health and productivity related data that can be utilised to evaluate the program over time.

By repeating these key assessments annually, organisations are able to arm themselves with the data they need to confidently implement effective and engaging programs for better health and productivity in the future.

For more information on Annual Health Assessment, or HRA, contact Healthworks on 1300 90 10 90 (International: IDD 61-2-9954-1888) or use our online form.


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