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How to Make Your Workplace a Centre for Corporate Health

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Whether your business is large or small, devoting some on-site space to an employee health and wellness area can be a great complement to a corporate health program.

For smaller businesses this may mean transforming a small meeting room into a mini corporate health resource centre where employees can take a break and read up on strategies to improve their overall health and fitness, whereas larger companies may choose to invest in a fully equipped corporate gym.

Whatever the organisation’s size and budget, a shared space can be set up to suitably deliver corporate health care for a happier, healthier and more productive staff.

As with all aspects of corporate health programming, on-site health and fitness facilities need to be tailored to meet the needs of the organisation. Targets such as employee satisfaction, stress reduction and health related productivity concerns should guide the design of the area and resources.

Establishing a dedicated corporate health resource centre where staff can educate themselves on wellness techniques is a terrific way of supporting a healthier workplace environment. Comfortable chairs and the latest workplace health magazines and wellness booklets make a wonderful centre for corporate health engagement, and the addition of cushions and mats for yoga or meditation can provide for energising breaks.

In addition to a restful resource centre, larger organisations may consider setting up an on-site corporate fitness club where employees can conveniently exercise at lunchtime or before or after work.

Aside from the obvious benefits of physical activity, corporate gyms are an excellent way to attract and retain talented staff and boost morale and positive working relationships between employees. Time poor staff who formerly felt they didn’t have time to exercise greatly appreciate the readily available facilities and activity-shy employees benefit from the support of colleagues.

A corporate gym is a great site for many health program initiatives and incentive programs, and health program providers can work with an experienced gym program coordinator to oversee employee fitness profiles, programming and fitness classes.

If on-site fitness equipment isn’t immediately achievable, personal trainers or fitness class instructors can be hired to conduct lunchtime or after work classes. These can be conducted in transitional spaces such as a spare meeting room, and a range of classes are available from cardio-boosting aerobics to stress-busting yoga or tai-chi.

Combined with a carefully crafted corporate health program, these on-site resources help deliver top quality corporate health care to valued employees, engendering a healthier, more productive organisation into the future.

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