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Ask any employer with a manual workforce across any industry – injury costs are trending upwards. This is despite the plethora of health and safety initiatives and despite injury management being everybody’s focus.

Faced with this, everyone assumes that injuries are inevitable. That injuries are simply a “cost of doing business”. That doing the best for employees equates to simply managing the claims. But what if instead of simply managing the claims, employers had a way to prevent them?

Today we announce that Healthworks now offers specialised injury prevention solutions. Our team of onsite physiotherapists and injury prevention experts work with your employees, your management and your business, to reduce injuries, implement preventative measures and lower costs associated with workplace injuries.

How we’re doing it

We’ve partnered with Bodycare, Australia’s leading injury prevention specialist. The Bodycare team of Occupational Onsite Physiotherapists and injury specialists are onboard and ready to work with you to identify, manage and reduce injuries in your workplace.

Bodycare’s approach is to empower employees, and their managers, to reduce and prevent injuries through proactive measures, education and early intervention.

Want to know more?

 Download this free reportInjury proof your business: 6 principles for effective injury prevention program.

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