It’s time to get connected…

As a global community, we are experiencing challenging times as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and change rapidly. With the outbreak continuing to disrupt our homes and workplaces in 2022, it’s important that we work together to support each other, stay safe and navigate this new and unprecedented landscape.

In addition to what is an already unsettling and stressful time for many, the new rules on social distancing are leaving people feeling lonely and less connected, which can be incredibly detrimental to someone’s overall mental and physical health.

To help support you and your employees, we are offering a selection of virtual services specifically designed to help guide you and your employees through these uncertain times whilst keeping everyone connected.

Our Services

Virtual Ergonomic Assessments

The best way to prevent poor ergonomic work practices is to provide employees with the right information to be able to identify the issues or risk factors before they cause an injury.

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Virtual Wellness Workshops

We have designed virtual wellness workshops to increase the connection within your team and to address the common issues you may experience in the upcoming weeks to months.

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Fitness Challenges

Keep your employees connected in a virtual way. It not only boosts performance, mental health and energy, it also establishes a sense of camaraderie amongst workers, cultivating in a healthy and energised work culture.

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Well at Work Newsletter

Well at Work is Australia's leading employee health and wellness newsletter. The proactive and realistic advice in each newsletter is a great way to keep your employees feeling inspired and positive during these uncertain times.

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Workplace Temperature Checks

Workplace temperature checks screen your employees for symptoms of fever and provide you and your employees with the confidence and peace of mind that your workplace remains safe and symptom-free.

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COVID-19 Resources for 2022

Handwashing Tips Poster

Download our poster illustrating the World Health Organization's
"How to Handwash" steps.

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Handwashing Reminder Poster

Keep friendly handwashing reminders around the workplace. Download our free resource today!

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