Gamify your workplace wellness and supercharge your employees’ health


MyHealthworks is a high tech, low cost, digital health platform that allows you to provide your employees with a centralised health and wellness solution.

MyHealthworks provides your employees with 24/7 access to expert content and articles, various proactive health campaigns, healthy recipes, educational resources and tools and a world-class health risk appraisal – all in one plug-and-play platform.

The All-in-One, Ready-to-Go Employee Health Solution

MyHealthworks is your employees’ personal trainer, nutritionist, motivational speaker and performance tracker, on call any time

Corporate Wellness On-Demand

100% online and available on any smartphone, tablet or computer, MyHealthworks is there whenever and wherever your employees want us to be: on site, in the office, at home or in the gym

Wellness Gamification: Driving Change

There’s nothing like some healthy competition to keep you committed to your health and fitness goals. MyHealthworks pits your employees against each other and themselves through gamified challenges and integrations with wearable tech

Laser Focused on Results

We’re here for one reason — to deliver results for your employees and your business. We give your employees the tools they need to take charge of their health, and give your business the tools to measure the impact

Tailored to You and Your Business

You can customise MyHealthworks to match your company’s branding, content and corporate objectives. We can even integrate it with your existing third party systems

Trust Us, This is What We Do 

Benefit from our 30+ years’ experience in corporate wellness. MyHealthworks is powered by Healthworks, the corporate health experts who’ve been helping organisations boost their employees’ health and productivity since 1984

There’s no other product on the market that offers such depth of content, ease of use and range of features:

Online Health Assessment

Expert Content on Mental & Physical Health

Wearable Tech Integration

Gamified Activity Challenges

Online Personal Wellness Programs

Personal Rewards for Healthy Behaviours

Integration with Corporate Tools & Systems

Up to Date Topical Content

Harness the power of an engaged and energised workforce

What you get

A complete corporate health program – online.

MyHealthworks combines the latest advances in HR, technology and health & wellness, to bring you a fully mobile responsive, digital workplace wellness solution.

MyHealthworks packages the most effective elements of an industry leading wellness program into one online solution. It gives you online health appraisals, personal wellness programs, expert fitness, nutrition and health content and gamified challenges.

MyHealthworks works to create an energised, can-do culture, giving a real boost to your employer brand. MyHealthworks clients have the option to sign up to our standard platform or customise your own branded wellness platform.

Why you need it

Corporate wellness is changing fast. Employees now expect to access health information, data and support 24/7. They expect to get timely, personalised support for their wellness efforts – and be rewarded for it. They want it all on their smartphone or tablet whenever and wherever they are. And they want it integrated with their Fitbit or Garmin. As a HR Manager, you also want to harness the power of these mobile technologies. You know they’ll help your employees and your business. You know they’ll give you a better way to engage your employees in your wellness program and, what’s more, motivate them to make real changes to their health and productivity. You know a good digital platform will cut your reporting time in half, giving you an easier way to measure participation, engagement – and real-life health changes. To do all this yourself is incredibly expensive and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve built it for you.

How it makes your job easy

MyHealthworks gives you a low cost, low stress yet high impact corporate wellness solution. It makes your job incredibly easy, because we manage it all for you. We keep it fresh with the latest health news and content. We run the team challenges, send the emails and manage the system. We keep your employees engaged through a gamified points system, and constantly updated content, news and activities. This not only helps your high-risk employees shift their health habits but also rewards your already healthy employees for staying healthy. It takes the guess work out of developing a corporate health program: you know you’re getting industry-leading solutions developed by experts.

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