Physical Activity & Exercise Seminars

Present your employees with practical information and realistic strategies on ways to improve their health, safety and wellbeing.

Physical Activity & Exercise Seminars

Healthworks seminars are delivered by experienced health professionals, designed to up-skill your workforce and motivate them to take control of their own health and wellbeing.

Our seminars are a highly effective way of raising awareness and educating employees on critical health issues, leaving them ready to make positive wellness changes.

Some of our seminars & webinars:

Healthy Heart

With the proactive message that “heart disease can be prevented”, our popular Heart Health seminar and webinar shows employees of all ages how they can look after their heart health and avoid cardiovascular disease.

The 45-50 minute seminar or webinar covers:

The statistics and facts on heart disease
Risk factors you can control
How factors such as smoking, high blood pressure, stress and poor food choices can contribute to heart disease
Practical steps employees can take right now to reduce their risk of heart disease, and improve their heart health

The seminar is delivered onsite, while the webinar is presented online. Both are presented exclusively to your employees, by qualified professionals.

Energy Booster

This seminar or webinar explores the key ingredients in the energy equation and how these ingredients can maximise energy.

The presenter will educate your employees on the interrelationship between sleep, nutrition, drugs and alcohol, exercise and stress and the effects they have on overall energy levels.

The seminar or webinar addresses the following:

Multifaceted nature of energy
What makes up a healthy lifestyle
Sleep and Nutrition
Energy balance anD exercise
Basal metabolic rate and Stimulant

The seminar is delivered onsite, while the webinar is presented online. Both are presented exclusively to your employees, by qualified professionals.

Other Physical Activity and Exercise Seminars:

Know Your Numbers
Manual Handling
Back On The Road (Vehicle Ergonomics for Sales Reps)
Energy Booster

Your Seminar & Webinar Also Includes:

Fast Facts handouts for each employee summarising the key points
Online booking system with wait-list option
Promotional materials including a customised poster and emailers

Customised options
We customise all our programs to suit your business. You can change the length, regularity and even the content of these sessions.

Our presenters are hand-picked to suit the culture of your organisation. They are all qualified professionals and experienced group presenters. They will also take the time to stay around after the seminar to answer questions or lead a discussion.

It's time to get your team moving

What you get

Healthworks provides clients with many extras at no extra cost, all designed to make your job easier. Once you sign off on a service, you will be allocated a program manager who will look after all aspects of your service delivery.

Your program manager will provide ongoing advice and will coordinate all Healthworks staff and contractors. You will also receive:

  • Promotional posters and emails customised with your
    logo and event details
  • An online booking system with wait-list option
  • Fast Facts sheet
  • Employee feedback and evaluations for each activity

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