Jacobs Employee Skin Cancer Checks

Jacobs is offering employees the opportunity to receive a free skin cancer check. Regular skin checks can identify potential skin cancers before they develop. 

If you work outdoors, your risk of skin cancer is increased, however even if you work indoors, you have a high risk of melanoma as while you may spend most of the week inside, you are exposed to short bursts of intense sunlight on weekends and holidays.

Make a booking!

Click on your location below and ‘Sign Up’ to register as a new user – or if you previously had a heart health check at Jacobs, login with your email and password.
Please feel free to attend the location that is most convenient for you.

What is it all about?

The check is 15 minutes in duration. Our qualified medical professional will carry out your skin check using a dermatoscope to identify potential areas of concern. This 15 minute check allows for a full body examination from head to toe. Participants can also opt to focus on a particular area of concern.

Note: If you are found to have any suspicious moles, lesions or suspected skin cancers, we will recommend you see your GP after your check.

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