Eat Well Nutrition Challenges

Nutrition challenges are a great way to start the conversation around healthy eating and encourage your team to consider healthy and nutrition food options.

Eat Well Nutrition Challenges

Give your employees the advice, support and motivation they need to improve their eating habits and make lasting, healthy changes to their diet.

Each week, teams of employees are tasked with a new food challenge, such as reducing sugar or increasing vegetables and fiber.

Online employee health challenges:

Taste Trek

You and your team will take part in a virtual tour of an exotic location! You'll discover new ways to add more movement, and more nutrition to your day. Each week we'll explore another local destination. We'll show you ways you could reach your 10,000 steps a day. We'll also explore local delicacies, and share recipes and nutrition tips. Get ready for a sensory overload of delicious food and amazing sights.

Offline employee health challenges:

Chews to Change

Chews to Change is a simple but effective program that motivates and encourages your employees to make small nutritional changes that deliver big results. It runs for 3 weeks.

Our challenges are simple but highly effective at motivating and encouraging your employees to make small nutritional changes

What you get

Healthworks Challenges can include the following extras:

  • Promotional materials including posters
  • Teaser emails and reminder emails
  • Welcome letters
  • Booklets
  • Tent cards (offline)
  • Pedometers (optional)
  • Program/challenge coordinator
  • Online registration portal
  • Organising incentives
  • Regular results announcements
  • Employee surveys and evaluation reports, where applicable

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