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Health always has and always will be a deeply personal thing.

Our health seeps into every crevice of our lives – it affects our partners, our families, our friends. It affects how we think and feel.

There are usually deeply personal reasons for our bad health habits, or even those quirky good habits. Our emotions, our relationships, how we were brought up – these all combine to create our current level of health.

I believe that’s why our health consultations and health checks remain so popular. They may only take anywhere from 5-30 minutes, but it’s a piece of time that’s devoted to that person, wholly and completely. They get the attention of a trained professional, talking to them about their health.

That face-to-face element is one of the key reasons why so many of our clients come back to us year on year. Even our seminars are delivered face-to-face onsite, and our webinars are provided by a dedicated presenter, exclusively for each client.

The other reason of course is our very personal customer service. We make sure you deal with a real person. You have a dedicated Account Manager AND a dedicated Program Manager.

While the same health information is generally applicable to the general population (eat more veggies, reduce sugar and alcohol, move more), truly effective health interventions need to be a bit more personal. This doesn’t mean they all have to be delivered face-to-face in a private setting, but to me it’s very important that the personal element remains.

We’re just about to launch a whole new approach to workplace health and wellness. It’s called WellSteps, and it’s largely delivered online. While this online aspect has obvious benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness for our clients, I was very determined to ensure WellSteps didn’t lose the personal touch. I made sure each employee’s experience of the system felt personal. They should see their name on every screen and in every email. They should see their personal results from their personal health assessment, and get personalised tips and advice based on those results. They should be able to invite their partner, friend or family member to join them, they should get rewards points for doing activities that appeal to them personally – and so on.

All these factors, while small details, make it more human, more personal and far more effective.

At Healthworks we will always be innovating; always staying at the forefront of the industry. But I will always ensure our signature personal touch is there, running strong through everything we do.


What do you think? Is the personal aspect important in your workplace health and wellness strategy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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