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Exciting news! Next month, Healthworks will be unveiling a fresh new look and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! To help celebrate the launch of our rebrand, we’re holding a competition for you to watch one of our most popular webinars LIVE for FREE – All you need to do is vote for which webinar you’d like to see win!!

We’ve come a long way since Healthworks was founded back in 1982. From partnering with Bodycare back in 2018, to adapting to our clients needs and evolving our product offering to the specialised range that it is today. We’ve elevated our virtual presence, and expanded our knowledge and experience by welcoming a diverse bunch of highly trained health professionals to our ever growing team 👋.

To reflect this growth and evolution we felt that a fresh, new look and feel was needed, which is exactly why we are rebranding! While we will soon be looking different, it’s important to note that our company mission is still very much the same: To improve the health of employees through excellence in workplace health solutions.

So, let’s put it to a vote!! 

Listed below are our five MOST POPULAR WELLBEING WEBINARS that we ran in 2021… One of which will be presented to you LIVE for FREE following the launch of our rebrand! We’re leaving the direction of the competition entirely in your hands, so get in quick and place your vote!!

Vote Now For Your Top Webinar 👇

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*Voting closes 15th March. The webinar that accrues the most votes will be announced on the 17th of March in the next Motivate Newsletter along with on Healthworks’ LinkedIn page. Following the announcement of the winning webinar, 500 registration spots will open up, and spaces will be allocated on a first-in, first-served basis.

Keen to learn more about each webinar before placing your vote?
Check out the descriptions below:

Strategies to Manage Stress
We all experience Stress. It is a normal human reaction to situations we find overwhelming. Stress can even be beneficial – it will improve our concentration, enable us to meet a deadline or cope in a crisis. But stress should be appropriate to the situation; it should be infrequent and of short duration. Unfortunately, many people have chronic stress or experience significant stress that interferes with work, relationships and their physical health. In this seminar you’ll be guided through the four essential steps to effectively manage your stress.

Creating Healthy Habits
Did you know that Behavioural Scientists who study habit formation have found that most people that try to create healthy habits don’t use effective methods? In this seminar you will learn how to create healthy habits that stick, paving the way for your big bold New Year’s Resolutions to be a success.

A Simple and Effective Mindfulness Practice
The mind can be a noisy, busy, stressful place. Join us for this simple but very effective mindfulness meditation practice to settle a restless and stressed mind. In this seminar we cover what mindfulness is, how it can reduce stress and anxiety and improve awareness. This is followed by 15 minutes of practical guided meditation exercises that you can use to cultivate a regular mindfulness practice. You will learn some tips for getting started and have the opportunity to ask questions about mindfulness meditation.

Foods to Boost Your Mood
We know how essential a healthy diet is in supporting a healthy body, but what about a healthy mind? In this seminar you’ll learn how and why a healthy diet is vital for our mental health, along with proactive tips and guidelines on how to eat to boost your concentration, memory and mood. We’ll cover how to select food that supports positive wellbeing and tips to ensure they are consuming a diet that boosts their mood.

Forget Fitness & Nutrition – Address Sleep First
Want to fast track your fitness? Lose weight? Improve your overall health? You may not know this, but while diet and exercise will definitely put you on the right track to improving your fitness, there’s another important component to this recipe that gets shuffled aside frequently. If you’re wondering what that is, it’s sleep. In this seminar you’ll learn why sleep is important along with tangible tips to help you get better sleep.


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