What are these cakes doing in Healthworks’ office?

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Raising money for ovarian cancer!

Healthworks Head Office staff baked up a storm  for our Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month morning tea.

Ok, so it’s supposed to be an afternoon tea, but I’m pretty sure we’ve got enough leftover to last us well into the afternoon!

We love fundraising events like this. Not only do we feel that we’ve made a small difference through our donations, but they’re a great way to raise awareness of the issue in a way that’s personal, engaging and fun. Not to mention delicious.

We had printed handouts of the symptoms to watch out for, which we could read and take home to our families.

The beauty of these national events is that most of the marketing is done for you. Most of these events have posters and emailers that you can download or tailor for your workplace. The key messages are sorted, the design is all done, all you need to do is distribute.

Not to mention, from an employee engagement viewpoint, these get-togethers are a natural way to promote socialising between teams and divisions.

Employees come away feeling connected, rewarded and with that unique feel-good feeling that comes from giving.


What fundraising or awareness events do you do at your workplace? Let us know in the comments below.


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