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What Drives Companies to Implement Corporate Health Programs?

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Attraction and Retention

This is one of the most important challenges facing organisations today. Attracting the right people for the job and retaining key employees is critical to the long term health and success of any business.

The implementation of a tailored corporate health benefits program such as health checks and other workplace initatiatives, provides existing employees the opportunity to take charge of both their physical and mental health thus improving overall performance.

These programs also demonstrate to potential future employees, your organisations culture of caring and encouraging employee wellbeing through its financial commitment to employee health.


Positive employee morale is essential to success in the workplace, more than anything else; employees want to be valued for a job well done by those they hold in high esteem. They also want to be part of an successful, supportive team.

Corporate health programs consisting of health initiatives such as health expos, team motivational challenges and individual health checks reward staff for their hard work and demonstrate a valued culture that appreciates the employees.

Absenteeism and Presenteeism

Employees with a poor overall health status have up to 9 times greater workplace sickness absence compared to the most health workers. Through extensive national and international research it has been demonstrated that absenteeism levels rise with an increased presence of health risk factors, e.g smoking, physical activity, poor dietary habits and productivity levels decline with an increased presence of these health risk factors.

Lifestyle risk factors are modifiable and Corporate Health Programs implement initiatives focusing on these modifiable risk factors. These lifestyle risk factors contribute to 51% to personal health status. When employees an employee improves their health status by just one risk e.g. improved nutrition, they will increase productivity on the job by 9% and reduce absenteeism by 2%.

It has been demonstrated that healthy employees are up to 3 times more productive than unhealthy employees (Medibank Private, 2005).
Presenteeism has been defined as the problem of workers being on the job but, because of illnessor other medical conditions, not fully functioning.

This impairment at work is a major contributor to workplace productivity loss. The hidden cost of presenteeism is considerably higher than absenteeism, by factor of 7-10 times. This provides opportunities for employee health enhancement initiatives through Corporate Health Programs to minimise work impairment due to preventable health conditions.

Corporate Health Programs have generated ROI that range anywhere between $1.49 and $13 in reduced absence and improved productivity per dollar spent on programs.

For more information on tailored Corporate Health Programs contact Healthworks on 1300 90 10 90 (International: IDD 61-2-9954-1888) or contact us.


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