Workplace Temperature Checks

Protect the health of your employees while minimising the spread of COVID-19 with workplace temperature checks.

Workplace Temperature Checks

As a global community we have been experiencing challenging times as the COVID-19 situation has continued to unfold. With the ongoing threat that the virus poses, businesses are needing to implement new measures to ensure the safety of their teams, workplaces and the community as a whole.

Workplace temperature checks screen your employees for symptoms of fever – a known indication of coronavirus – and provide you and your employees with the confidence and peace of mind that your workplace remains safe and symptom-free.

Onsite Employee Temperature Checks

Screen and identify employees who have a normal body temperature ensuring that they can continue to work onsite.

Identify employees who have a heightened body temperature and encourage them to follow the correct protocol and seek further medical attention.

Employers can also arrange for employees to be screened throughout their shift in an effort to maintain a healthy and safe work environment for everyone.

How our temperature checks work

We provide your workplace with highly trained health professionals to conduct all temperature screening on your employees, prior to them entering the building.

Perform and record (if necessary) the temperature of each employee who passes through your workplaces front entry.

Should anyone present a higher than normal temperature, they will be isolated immediately and the nominated onsite manager will be notified so that your internal policies and procedures can be initiated.

Please note: All temperature screening is conducted by a qualified health professional and all personnel will be screened prior to entering your workplace.

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