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Why Gym Memberships Perk Are A Waste Of Money

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There are many proven strategies to increase your employees’ participation in workplace wellness programs. However, the use of incentives such as free or discounted gym memberships might not be as efficient as we once thought.

A 2010 study shows that only 28% of employees who have access to a gym or fitness centre actually use it, and the number of employees who actually use it regularly is even smaller.

Human Capital Online says that:

Offering ‘one size fits all’ gym memberships may end up being a waste of money, as many employees won’t use it. Indeed according to Corporate Fitness Culture, while HR have been proactive in implementing health and wealth initiatives, such as discounted or free gym memberships, these initiatives have largely misfired. Less than 20% of Australians have a gym memberships, and of those, just 10% go on a regular basis.“

Broaching the topic of health with employees can be tricky, and a good approach may be to firstly promote health through general awareness programs, and then gauging the wants and needs of your employees.


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