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2024 Health Awareness Events Calendar

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Our popular Australian Health Calendar of major health awareness days is now updated for 2024!

Stuck on ideas for your employee health program for 2024?

The Healthworks 2024 Calendar of Health Awareness Events gives you hundreds of ideas to inject fresh energy and enthusiasm into your wellness program. That’s why we’ve gathered every published health day, week and month that we can find, to give the most relevant and useful health-related events in Australia in 2024.*

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Choose a few health awareness events and do them well

We offer this calendar every year to our clients, and every year it seems to get bigger. How can you keep up with hundreds of events, often with several events running at once? The good news is, you don’t have to.

The calendar isn’t intended for you to do something every day, or even every month. Rather, it’s designed as a useful tool to help you inject fresh energy into your corporate wellness program whenever you need it. We suggest you choose just one or two days each Quarter, and do them really well. This year we’ve made it even easier with activity suggestions for each month!

There are three main ways you can use this Health Calendar:

1. Use the active events as a way to bolster existing activities

Days such as Walk to Work Day or Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea can give your existing activities more meaning. What’s more, these events are often supported by free resources such as posters and handouts. Check out our resources page to download FREE handouts, booklets, posters and more to educate and uplift your employees.

2. Focus on a health issue that’s meaningful to a large number of your employees

Perhaps several employees have been affected by a specific health issue such as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. Let your employees’ energy guide your efforts, and show them that your company supports them in their awareness-raising or fundraising. You could even run a survey in January to see which causes or events your employees would most like to support.

Another way to determine which issues are the most relevant to your team is to run our onsite Health Checks, which provide you, the employer, with an overview of your workforces health risks, allowing you to tailor future initiatives whilst also providing your employees with insights into their health through a face-to-face session with a qualified health professional. 

3. Choose a fairly universal and supportive topic, such as World Compliment Day

Use these days or weeks to add some mental health goodness into the working day, by doing something surprising for your employees.

4. Hybrid working models ruining your health event plans? We’ve got you covered.

If you were hoping to host a seminar for Men’s Health Week or have an instructor come to the office for International Day of Yoga but coronavirus or working from home dashed your dreams, we can help! We can offer virtual wellness sessions and fitness challenges to support your team and help keep them fit and healthy even during (or after) a pandemic. Learn more about these services here.

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