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Core Stability & Flexibility Checks

Keep your workforce strong with core stability and flexibility checks. We provide opportunities for evaluation and advice that ensures optimal health when it comes to performing day to day activities at work.

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Why is it important to have core stability and flexibility checks?

A strong core underpins almost everything you do. Not only is it important for good balance, stability and flexibility but it also ensures safe and efficient movement.

A weak core can result in poor posture, back pain, back spasms, spine disorders, joint pain and injuries, and many other musculoskeletal conditions.

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Healthworks core stability and flexibility checks

During this onsite consultation, the coordination and strength of the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles is objectively measured using a pressure biofeedback device. Leg and back flexibility is measured using a set and reach test.

Advice is given on the appropriate exercises to activate, strengthen and stretch this important and collective group of muscles. If necessary, corrective exercises will be recommended to address concerns and provide a handout.

What you receive

– Program management

– An Individual Results Booklet for every participant

– A comprehensive Corporate Report*

– Referral to the employee’s GP if required

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*For 15 Employees Or More

You can trust Healthworks to deliver an expert onsite health check

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