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Workplace Fitness Challenges

Looking to foster teamwork, promote healthy lifestyle habits, and infuse your workplace with energy? Look no further than a Healthworks Workplace Fitness Challenge! This invigorating program motivates your employees to enhance their physical and mental wellbeing.

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Workplace Fitness Challenges

We know that one of the quickest and easiest ways to lift a person’s morale and motivation in the workplace is to get them engaged in an activity. Why not try workplace fitness challenges?

They not only boost performance, mental health and energy, but they also establish a sense of camaraderie amongst workers, cultivating a healthy and energised work culture.

The Workplace Fitness Challenge is online and web-based. It can be used on both computers and phones.

Online Employee Health Challenges:

Our new and improved Fitness Challenge platform has new routes, an updated interface, a heap of new features and the ability to customise it to your own requirements! It’s a motivating program that builds teamwork, healthy lifestyle habits and an energised culture.

– Mobile responsive online interface
– Customisable with your own routes, image, or logos
– Multiple activities available from running right through to swimming or exercise classes
– 4-week challenges (or tailor to your own preferred time)
– Suitable for any fitness level

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Benefits of Workplace Health and Wellness Challenges

Improves overall employee health behaviour

Helps to lower elevated health risks

Decreases employee absenteeism

Improves employee productivity

Helps employee retention and recruitment

What you get

Healthworks Challenges can include the following extras:

  • Promotional materials including posters
  • Teaser emailers and reminder emailers
  • Program/challenge coordinator
  • Organising incentives
  • Regular results announcements
  • Employee surveys and evaluation reports, where applicable

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