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Workplace Posture & Musculoskeletal Checks

We provide onsite posture and musculoskeletal checks for your employees to investigate how their bodies are moving and functioning and prevent injuries.

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Musculoskeletal Assessments

A musculoskeletal assessment investigates how the body is moving and functioning. The purpose of it is to look for abnormalities and compensations that may be occurring with the aim of discovering and treating the underlying causes.

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What does our onsite musculoskeletal assessment involve?

Our postural and musculoskeletal assessments rate and assess each participant’s posture and musculoskeletal range of movement and flexibility.

They also provide an opportunity for participants to seek advice on any back or spinal problems that they may currently be experiencing.

Following the check our qualified assessors will recommend corrective exercises to address any concerns.

Why are musculoskeletal assessments important?

Across a number of industries, musculoskeletal injuries account for a large portion of overall workplace injuries and workers compensation claims.

Our musculoskeletal assessments screen your employees for abnormalities or compensations that may point to an increased risk of injury with the aim of discovering and treating the underlying causes.

You Can Trust Healthworks To Deliver High Quality Posture & Musculoskeletal Checks

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