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Mental Health Seminars And Workshops

Deliver practical insights and realistic approaches to your employees regarding mental health, equipping them with strategies to support their colleagues effectively and safeguard their own mental wellbeing.

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Mental Health In The
Workplace Training

Acknowledging and fostering mental health is a crucial aspect of establishing a secure and thriving workplace. It is vital for both managers and employees to share the responsibility of cultivating a safe work environment. By adopting a proactive stance towards mental health at work, you will motivate your employees to optimise their wellbeing, enhance resilience, and facilitate long-term recovery from mental health challenges.

Our mental health training programs have a twofold objective: to combat the stigma surrounding mental illness and to empower employees to initiate conversations about mental health. Through our programs, attendees gain valuable tools for engaging in ‘difficult conversations’ and acquiring knowledge about the signs and symptoms of mental illness.

By equipping participants with these skills, we foster an inclusive work environment where employees feel supported by their managers and colleagues. Our training not only aims to cultivate resilience but also educates employees on identifying signs and symptoms of mental illness. Furthermore, we provide practical strategies for managing individual mental health and offer tips on how to effectively support others in their mental well-being.

Why is workplace mental health training important?

Studies indicate that approximately one in five individuals of working age are likely to experience a mental health condition, while 45% of Australians will face a mental health or substance use disorder at some point in their lives. Disturbingly, mental health concerns are estimated to impose a financial burden of $11 billion annually on Australian businesses. Given these alarming statistics, this is an issue that workplaces (and society) can no longer afford to ignore.

How can employers support employee mental health?

The impact of mental illness varies greatly among individuals, affecting not only the person themselves but also their family, friends, and colleagues in the workplace. To support mental health and cultivate a mentally healthy work environment, there are various approaches that can be taken. While we provide a range of programs, it’s important to recognise that each organisation is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach may not be suitable.
For your organisation, a tailored workplace mental health program may be the most effective solution. Healthworks offers customised seminars that specifically address relevant mental health issues within your workforce. Additionally, we provide comprehensive programs aimed at raising awareness about mental wellbeing and specialised initiatives that equip individuals with the necessary tools to thrive and flourish in their work.
No matter what your specific needs may be, our team of experts in this field can design a program to proactively address the mental health needs of your workforce.

Virtual Wellness Workshops:

For more information about our Virtual Wellness Workshops, click on the link below.

Virtual Wellness Workshops

Our Mental Health Services:

Mental Health First Aid (2-days)

The Mental Health First Aid course is a recognised and accredited two-day training program that equips participants with essential knowledge about identifying signs and symptoms of mental health problems. They also gain insights into available help resources and evidence-based effective interventions.

The program is divided into four modules, spanning two days. However, the structure of the program can be customized to accommodate different scheduling needs.

All participants receive a copy of the MHFA Manual and a Certificate of Completion. Additionally, participants have the option to complete an online competency assessment after the course, leading to a three-year accreditation.

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Healthy Minds For Everyone (60-minutes)

This session aims to enhance participants’ understanding of prevalent mental health conditions.

It delves into the identification of signs associated with common mental illnesses and explores their potential manifestations within a workplace context. Moreover, the session equips participants with valuable insights on initiating mental health conversations with colleagues.

By the end of the session, attendees will have gained heightened awareness regarding mental health in the workplace, along with knowledge of available support resources and pathways.

Healthy Minds For Executives (1-2 hours)

This session offers executives an introductory understanding of prevalent mental health issues. It delves into recognising the signs of mental illness and engages in discussions on techniques for fostering a mentally healthy work environment.

This seminar addresses the following:

• What is mental health and who is affected by mental health problems
• Common mental illness, what this might look like in the workplace and when should you be concerned
• The impact of mental illness on individuals, workplaces and communities
• Why is mental illness so hard to talk about… how can we break down the stigma?
• Barriers to help seeking in the workplace?
• What is our role as workplace leaders in early intervention and management of mental health problems?
• How can the workplace help in the prevention of mental health problems?
• Support options and resources

By the end of the session, executives will have gained valuable insights into common mental health problems, enabling them to contribute to the creation of a supportive workplace atmosphere.

Healthy Minds For People Leaders (3-hours)

The mental health training for managers and supervisors is specifically tailored to empower them with the necessary skills to identify mental health conditions within the workplace. This comprehensive program aims to enhance their confidence in initiating conversations, developing management plans, and providing ongoing support.

This seminar addresses the following:

• Introduction to common mental health challenges in the workplace
• Impact of mental illness on the worker and the workplace
• Legal obligations
• Duty to identify and manage workplace risks to mental health
• Common psychosocial risks in the workplace and how to manage these
• Early recognition and intervention
• Tips for starting a conversation
• Supporting someone with a mental health condition
• Resources and support for managers

This seminar serves as an excellent opportunity to enhance the skill set of your management team, enabling them to effectively support your broader workforce and prioritise individual mental health in the workplace.

The seminar can be conducted onsite, providing an interactive and engaging experience, while the webinar option allows for convenient online delivery.

Sleep (60-minutes)

This program provides a thorough examination of the sleep epidemic currently impacting Australia. It offers evidence-based strategies to enhance the quality and duration of your sleep, ensuring you wake up feeling rejuvenated and revitalised.

The program is available for delivery either onsite or via webinar. It is structured as a 50-minute session, followed by a 10-minute Q&A segment.

This seminar addresses the following:

• What is normal sleep? Is it normal to wake up overnight? How many hours do you need?
• Can you function with less sleep?
• How sleep deprivation is linked to weight gain; a fall in testosterone levels; the appearance of wrinkles; mistakes at work; poor concentration and a low mood.
• A common medical cause of sleep deprivation that often goes undiagnosed
• The top 5 reasons we aren’t getting enough sleep
• A 6 step approach to tackle insomnia

Fatigue (60-minutes)

This seminar provides comprehensive insights into fatigue management strategies, emphasising the significant impact that long-term fatigue can have on employees’ mental and physical wellbeing. Additionally, it highlights how fatigue can affect workplace health, safety, and overall performance.

The program is flexible and can be delivered either onsite or via webinar. It is designed as a 50-minute session, followed by a 10-minute Q&A segment, allowing participants to engage and seek further clarification.

This seminar addresses the following:

• What is fatigue?
• Symptoms of fatigue
• Effects of fatigue
• Causes of fatigue
• Long-term and short-term health effects
• Environmental and workplace factors
• Physiology of sleep and fatigue
• How to fight fatigue
• Other health and diet considerations

Aims of Mental Health Seminars

Assists employees in recognising early signs and symptoms of prevalent mental health conditions, both in themselves and in others.

Emphasises the importance of early intervention and guides participants on how to seek appropriate help.

Equips employees with effective communication strategies when addressing concerns about a colleague’s mental health.

Works towards reducing the stigma and preventing discrimination associated with mental health.

Mitigates risks related to poor mental health, including the prevention of suicide.

Contributes to increased productivity by teaching coping mechanisms and stress management skills.

Aims to decrease absenteeism and presenteeism, resulting in improved attendance and engagement.

Helps in reducing staff turnover levels and supports talent retention and attraction efforts.

Workplace Mindfulness Training

Are your employees in need of enhanced calmness and focus? Do they require better resilience and stress management techniques? The solution lies in workplace mindfulness training. Equip your employees with the necessary skills to remain composed and focused even in high-pressure situations.

Our mindfulness training program includes:

• 4-week workplace mindfulness classes
• Includes 4 x 30-minute sessions or 4 x 45-minute sessions
• A one-off 45-minute workshop which includes 15-minutes of practice time

Classes are run onsite by trained mindfulness and meditation practitioners.

Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness has a profound influence on the workplace, leading to numerous benefits for employees. Those who practice mindfulness exhibit increased calmness, centeredness, and focus. Moreover, mindfulness has been linked to improved engagement, emotional intelligence, and communication within the workplace.

Workplace Mindfulness Training plays a crucial role in stress management, equipping employees with effective techniques to navigate and mitigate stress. Additionally, it enhances resilience, boosts creativity, improves productivity, and cultivates adept conflict management skills.

MHFA Online Course Now Available

A digital, web-based training of MHFA is now available!
Click on the link below to learn more.

Mental Health First Aid Online Course

Discover the secrets of one of the primary drivers of employee productivity

What you get

Healthworks offers a range of complimentary extras to make your job easier. Upon confirming a service, you will be assigned a dedicated program manager who will oversee all aspects of your service delivery.

Your program manager will provide continuous guidance and coordinate the efforts of all Healthworks staff and contractors. Additionally, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Customised promotional posters and emails featuring your logo and event details.
  • An efficient online booking system with a convenient wait-list option.
  • Access to Fast Facts sheets, providing concise and informative resources.
  • Employee feedback and evaluations for each activity, ensuring valuable insights for continuous improvement.

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