Present your employees with practical information and realistic strategies on ways to improve their health, safety and wellbeing.

Mental Health in the
Workplace Training

Help your employees take control of their mental health by teaching them effective strategies, techniques and coping mechanisms to manage their stress and general mental wellbeing.

Our national mental health training programs give employees a positive and proactive way to look after their mental health by teaching strategies for resilience and positive thinking, as well as tools on maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

COVID-19 Support

Virtual Wellness Workshops:

For more information on our Virtual Wellness Workshops, click on the link below.

Virtual Wellness Workshops

Returning to the Workplace with Confidence

This seminar addresses return to work strategies to help your team adjust to the “new normal”. It provides clear advice and recommendations to ensure confidence when coming back to work.


One of the most difficult aspects about working from home is trying to ignore the distractions. Mindfulness is your best tool to help you stay focused if you are working from home.

Struggling to Sleep?

Adequate sleep is essential for our immune system to fight viral infections; however, sleep is notoriously difficult when circumstances change, particularly when those changes are stressful.

Food For Mood

We know how essential good food is for our physical health, but what about our mental health? This seminar explains how and why a healthy diet is vital for the brain too and gives proactive tips and guidelines on how to eat for your brain.

Our Mental Health and Stress Seminar Topics:

Healthy Minds for People Leaders (4 hours)

This seminar is designed to up-skill and educate managers on how to have difficult conversations and recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health in their team.

This seminar addresses the following:

Intro to Mental Illness in the workplace
What to notice, say & do
How to start the conversation
Coping with organisational change and mental health
Staying Mentally Healthy
What is ‘good’ mental health?
The role of the workplace leader

This seminar is a great way to up-skill your management team to ensure they have the skills to support your wider team and the mental health of individuals at work.

The seminar is delivered onsite, whilst the webinar is presented.

Healthy Minds for Everyone (1-4 hours)

This session is designed to build participants awareness around common mental health conditions.

The session explores the signs of common mental illnesses and how they might present in a workplace setting, and provides tips for starting a mental health conversation with a colleague.

Participants will walk away with better awareness about mental health in the workplace and information on where and how to access support.

Healthy Minds Executive Overview (1-2 hours)

This session is designed to give executives an introduction to common mental health problems, explore the signs of mental illness and discuss techniques for creating a mentally healthy workplace. 

This seminar addresses the following:

What is mental health and who is affected by mental health problems
Common mental illness, what this might look like in the workplace and when should you be concerned
The impact of mental illness on individuals, workplaces and communities
Why is mental illness so hard to talk about…how can we break down the stigma?
Barriers to help seeking in the workplace?
What is our role as workplace leaders in early intervention and management of mental health problems?
How can the workplace help in the prevention of mental health problems?
Support options and resources

Mental Health First Aid (2 days)

The Mental Health First Aid course in an accredited 2 day training program where participants learn the signs and symptoms of mental health problems, where and how to get help and what sort of help has been shown by research to be effective.

The program is offered over two days and covers four modules.

Whilst the program is offered over two days, this can be structured in a number of ways. All participants receive a copy of the MHFA Manual and a Certificate of Completion. Participants can also complete an online competency assessment following the course and will receive a 3 year accreditation.

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Coping with Change

Change occurs when one thing ends and something new or different begins. It usually means moving away from the familiar and towards the unknown. The time between these two points is called the transition and it is normal to find this time stressful. This seminar provides an overview of organisational change and the impact that it can have on our mental and physical health.

This seminar addresses the following:
The nature of workplace change including its purpose and causes
The impact workplace change can have on our mental and physical health
Developing practical strategies to cope with change

The seminar is delivered onsite.


A comprehensive look at why we are experiencing a sleep epidemic in Australia. Evidence based strategies to improve both the quality and quantity of your sleep so you wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

The program is offered onsite or can be delivered by webinar. It is 50 minutes with 10 minutes of Q&A.

This seminar addresses the following:
What is normal sleep? Is it normal to wake up overnight? How many hours do you need?

Can you function with less sleep?
How sleep deprivation is linked to weight gain; a fall in testosterone levels; the appearance of wrinkles;
mistakes at work; poor concentration and a low mood.

A common medical cause of sleep deprivation that often goes undiagnosed
The top 5 reasons we aren’t getting enough sleep
A 6 step approach to tackle insomnia


This seminar outlines fatigue management strategies and focuses on the long-term health effects fatigue can have on employees’ mental and physical health. It also details the impact fatigue can have on workplace health, safety and performance.

The program is offered onsite or can be delivered by webinar. It is 50 minutes with 10 minutes of Q&A.

This seminar addresses the following:
What is fatigue?
Symptoms of fatigue
Effects of fatigue
Causes of fatigue
Long term and short term health effects
Environmental and workplace factors
Physiology of sleep and fatigue
How to fight fatigue
Other health and diet considerations

Aims of Mental Health Seminars

Helps employees identify the early signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions within themselves and others

Teaches the importance of early intervention and how to seek help

Advises employees on how to speak to co-workers if they are concerned about their mental health

Promotes a mentally safe and healthy workplace

Reduces stigma and prevents discrimination

Reduces risks associated with poor mental health, including suicide

Leads to increased productivity

Teaches coping and stress management skills

Reduces absenteeism and presenteeism

Reduces staff turnover levels

Helps to retain and attract talent

Workplace Mindfulness Training

Could your employees do with some more calm and focus? What about resilience and stress management? The answer is workplace mindfulness training. Give employees the skills to be calm and focused under pressure.

Our mindfulness training program includes:

4 week workplace mindfulness classes
Includes 4 x 30 minute sessions or 4 x 45 minute sessions
A one-off 45 minute workshop which includes 15 mins practice time
Classes are run onsite by trained mindfulness and meditation practitioners

Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness has a powerful impact on a workplace. Employees who practice mindfulness are shown to be calmer, more centered and focused. It’s also been known to improve engagement, emotional intelligence and communication in the workplace.

Workplace Mindfulness Training helps employees manage stress. It’s also shown to enhance resilience, creativity, productivity and conflict management skills.

MHFA Online Course Now Available

Due to COVID-19, Mental Health First Aid Australia has been busy developing a series of online courses. We are excited to say that a digital, web-based training of MHFA is now available!

Click on the link below to learn more.

Mental Health First Aid Online Course

Discover the secrets of one of the primary drivers of employee productivity

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