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Our Approach

Actively Improving Employee Health For Over 30 Years

Research shows that a well-run corporate wellness program saves money. It’s not a cost, but an investment. It reduces the cost of absenteeism and presenteeism, and it boosts your employer brand helping you attract and retain talent. Studies of corporate wellness programs at companies ranking highly for employee health show that a multifaceted approach gets results. Healthworks will develop the perfect plan for your employees’ needs, through a customised mix of digital and face-to-face activities. Whether you need corporate fitness, mental health support or health checks, we can develop a program to suit. Our solutions energise and engage your employees, for better productivity.


At Healthworks:

We develop best-practice, high-impact corporate health and wellness programs that will motivate your employees to achieve optimum health and productivity.

We custom-build your program to meet your organisation’s unique needs — your budget, your culture and values, your employees’ health issues and your end goals.

With Healthworks, you get a strategic mix of integrated services which combine to educate, support and inspire your employees to better health.

Our Approach:

Online Tools

Online Personal Health Assessments, online webinars, online health campaign sites, and digital resources.

Face to Face Services

Personal onsite checks and consultations, including coaching, massage and meditation; onsite seminars.

Team Based & Individual Challenges

Health challenges and campaigns that show employees how to make real changes to their health habits and lifestyle.

Educational Resources

Professional print and digital educational materials, including our monthly newsletter and booklets.

Our Program Management Includes:

Needs Analysis

We start with you – with a needs analysis to determine your issues and your goals. This could include assessment to diagnose your organisation’s health issues.

Strategy Development

We then develop a strategy to deliver those results, and design the best mix of health initiatives, services and products.

Implementation & Program Management

We manage the implementation of each service, with coordination of all logistics, as well as customised promotional materials and an online booking system.

Measurement & Recommendations

We continuously measure the success of your activities, with corporate reports after every service plus ongoing recommendations.

We walk the walk, and our team members are involved in a myriad of health and wellness activities outside of work: cycling, running, bootcamps, gyms, extreme hiking, yoga and meditation – you name it, we do it