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Manual Handling Training Programs

We offer a variety of solutions to assist clients minimize the incidence and risk of hazardous manual handling.

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Manual Handling Program

The aim of the manual handling program is to create a customised and job specific manual handling program, with an emphasis on empowering workers to apply a risk reduction mindset to every facet of their working day.

Our training is broken down into two sections, a theoretical component and a practical hands on component.

Components of the Healthworks Manual Handling
Training Program

The principles of risk identification & assessment

Identifying, assessing and controlling exposure to health and safety risks associated with hazards in the workplace is essential.

Understanding the importance of correct manual handling principles

Our bodies are strong and resilient – we just need to know how to move them correctly. Our manual handling principles will teach you how to do this to reduce your injury risk.

Basic anatomy and the importance of workplace stretching and injury prevention exercises

Prevention is the number one cure for workplace injury and just like an athlete trains to keep their body strong and healthy, we all need to ensure that we are taking the time do the same.

Job task awareness and application to the work environment

Every task we complete is different and it is these differences that can result in injuries. Awareness of not only the components of a task but the environment that it is performed in is pivotal to injury reduction.

Correct working postures and techniques to ensure workers are comfortable, safe and efficient while they are working

The postures we adopt can drastically affect the load that is placed on our body. Small differences can sometimes make a huge change.

Manual Handling FAQ’s

What is manual handling?
Manual handling means using your body to exert force to lift, lower, push, pull, carry, move, hold or restrain objects or people.
It is the biggest cause of workplace injury in Australia.

What is a hazardous manual task?
A hazardous manual task is any task that requires a person to lift, lower, push, pull, carry or otherwise move, hold or restrain any person, animal or thing involving repetitive or sustained force, high or sudden force, repetitive movement, sustained or awkward posture or exposure to vibration.

What are some examples of manual handling tasks?
Pushing and pulling trolleys; Operating machinery; Packing boxes; Lifting heavy objects and leaning over to scan items

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