Seated Massage

Improve employee productivity while showing that you recognise and appreciate everything that they do for the business

Onsite Seated Massage

Conducted at your workplace, this massage service is a popular way to support and nurture your employees. It sends a strong message that you care about your employees’ physical and mental health.

These fully clothed neck and shoulder massages help relieve tension and provide a welcome way for employees to relax and recharge. Massage sessions per employee can be any length from 5 minutes to 60 minutes depending on your company’s preference.

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What are the benefits of an office massage for employees?

Studies have proven that massage sessions can help decrease fatigue, reduce anxiety and enhance mental clarity; all of which improve wellness and productivity.

Our qualified masseuers aim to help employees with their:
– Stress management
– Muscle health
– Lymphatic and digestive issues
– Fatigue
– Concentration and mental clarity

About our therapists

 Our massage therapists are friendly, professional and highly trained. All are fully qualified with years of experience in the field.

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