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Workplace Lung Function Checks (Spirometry)

We provide lung function checks to provide your employees with a personal and confidential assessment of their current lung function.

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What is spirometry testing?

Spirometry is one of the most widely used tests that assesses how well lungs function. It is able to determine whether there are any kinds of respiratory conditions present, along with the severity of the issue.

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What are lung function tests used for?

Lung function (spirometry) tests are used to help diagnose different types of lung concerns such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other conditions that affect breathing.

Spirometry tests also play a critical role in monitoring and measuring workplace related lung concerns. Many employees are exposed to a variety of environmental irritants (such as dust, fumes and other substances) throughout the course of their employment, and as a result, damage to the lungs can be caused.

What are the benefits of Spirometry Testing?

 – Early detection of lung disease
– Monitor and measure employees lung function
– Helps prevent work related respiratory issues arising
– Improves the wellbeing of your workforce
– Save money with less workers compensation claims

What to expect

Spirometry is a painless test which usually takes about 15 minutes. During the test, participants will be asked to breathe in through an apparatus named a spirometer.  Whilst doing so, the participant will need to take in as big a breath as possible followed by exhaling as fast as they can.

The test may need to be performed as many as three times and may need to be done while wearing a nose piece to stop air coming out of the nose.

Depending on the results, the participant may be referred onto ta specialist for further testing.

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