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Health and Wellbeing Seminars and Training

Promote a culture of education and support for your employees to gain a comprehensive understanding of their health and wellbeing, enabling them to effectively address and manage it within the workplace.

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Our Seminars and Training

Experience the expertise of our seasoned health professionals through Healthworks seminars and training, specifically designed to enhance the skills of your workforce and inspire them to take charge of their own health and wellbeing. Our sessions provide practical health information and realistic strategies that empower employees to improve their personal health, safety, and overall wellbeing.

At Healthworks, we offer an extensive range of educational options, covering more than 50 health and wellbeing topics. Whether you prefer concise 30-minute sessions or immersive full-day workshops, we have delivery options to suit your needs. We also provide the flexibility to customise content or collaborate with you to develop new material that aligns with the health needs and trends of your workforce.

As hybrid work environments become more prevalent, employers are seeking solutions to meet the evolving needs of their workforce. To address this, we offer various delivery methods:

In-person delivery:
Choose from interactive team workshops lasting 60-minutes, large group seminars, half-day or full-day mental health training, or comprehensive two-day mental health first aid training.

Full-day / Half-day
Large format lecture style
Small team workshop

Virtual delivery:
Our virtual sessions offer flexibility and accessibility to accommodate the needs of your workforce. Choose from a range of durations, including 30-minutes, 45-minutes, and 60-minutes, for engaging webinars that cover various health and wellbeing topics.

Blended Learning
Lunch & Learn

Our education and training sessions are categorised into key 4 pillars: Wellbeing, Mental Health, Nutrition and General health.


These sessions prioritise essential aspects of wellbeing, delving into key facets such as the significance of quality sleep, fostering healthy habits, achieving work-life balance, incorporating mindfulness practices, and exploring other relevant topics.

Mental Health

These sessions offer valuable insights into mental health, equipping participants with effective strategies to safeguard and support their own wellbeing. Additionally, these sessions provide practical tools that can be utilised to assist others who may be facing challenges with their mental health.


These sessions provide comprehensive guidance on optimising nutrition to enhance various aspects of wellbeing, including physical health, mental health, brain health, energy levels, and overall performance. Participants will learn valuable strategies to support their holistic health through informed dietary choices.

General Health

These sessions will outline actionable steps necessary to effectively manage your physical health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. By providing valuable insights, participants will learn how to make informed choices and adopt healthy habits that contribute to long-term wellbeing.

Our Services:

Virtual webinars and in-person workshops

Our webinars and in-person workshops serve as highly effective platforms for educating employees on crucial and relevant health issues. These interactive sessions offer ample time to delve deeply into the chosen topic, ensuring a comprehensive understanding. Furthermore, they provide dedicated Q&A sessions, fostering a personalised experience where participants can seek clarification and gain valuable insights.

By attending these sessions, employees will leave equipped with knowledge, motivation, and a readiness to implement positive changes in their wellness journey.

Duration: 45-60 minutes
Delivery Method: Virtual and in person options available (All topics can be delivered virtually
with a selection of topics also delivered in person)
Topics: More than 20 topics to choose from. See sample topics below.

Virtual webinars and in-person workshops sample topics:

• Nutrition for wellness
• Understanding food labels
• Foods to boost your mood
• Wellbeing – What is it and why does it matter?
• An introduction to mindfulness
• The foundations of sleep
• Healthy heart
• Understanding menopause
• Healthy Minds for Everyone
• Healthy Minds – Executive overview
• How to recognise and prevent burnout
• How do I know when it’s time to get support for my mental health?

Micro Wellbeing Webinars

Healthworks has developed a collection of concise webinars, carefully crafted to deliver easily digestible health and wellbeing information to your employees, minimising disruptions to their busy schedules.

Our Micro Wellbeing Webinars are designed to be delivered virtually, ensuring that your team can stay connected regardless of their location. Whether you prefer a complete series or individual ad hoc sessions, we offer flexibility to accommodate the needs of your organisation and employees. Additionally, sessions can be recorded for on-demand viewing, providing convenience and accessibility.

Duration: 30-minutes
Delivery method: Virtual only
Topics: We have 40 webinar topics to choose from to support your employees Mental Health, Wellbeing, General Health and Nutrition.

Micro Wellbeing Webinars Sample Topics:

• Brain superfoods
• Healthy eating explained
• Tips for starting a mental health conversation
• Strategies to manage stress
• Men’s/Women’s health through the decades
• Night owl versus early bird – how to maintain an effective work routine
• The foundations of sleep
• Meditation- How sitting still can change the structure of your brain
• A simple but effective mindfulness practice
• Can we reduce the onset of dementia?
• Alcohol – How much is too much and should you cut down?
• How to recharge yourself on annual leave – making the most of your time off
• Creating connections – tackling our loneliness epidemic

Half-day and Full-day Mental Health Training

Immerse yourself in our half-day and full-day mental health training programs, which provide a comprehensive exploration of mental health issues in Australia. These training workshops are highly interactive, offering practical tools that employees and managers can utilise to enhance their own mental wellbeing or support their colleagues and teams.

Our employee-specific training equips participants with the ability to identify early signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions within themselves and others. It also provides guidance on effectively communicating with co-workers when concerns arise and promotes a positive and proactive approach to self-care.

Manager-specific training focuses on empowering managers with the necessary skills to navigate difficult conversations and recognise signs and symptoms of mental health challenges within their teams. Additionally, it imparts techniques for fostering a mentally healthy workplace environment.

By engaging in our mental health training, both employees and managers will gain invaluable knowledge, enabling them to address mental health concerns proactively and contribute to a supportive and thriving work atmosphere.

Duration: Variable
Delivery method: Virtual and in person options available

½ day and full day Mental Health Workshops:

• Healthy Minds for People Leaders (1/2-day) (V and F2F)
• Mental Health First Aid Online (4-5 hours) (V)
• Mental Health First Aid Blended Workplace (4-5 hours) (F2F)
• Mental Health First Aid Refresher (4-hours – 5-hours) (V and F2F)
• Mental Health Conversations – (1-day) (F2F)
• Mental Health First Aid (2-days face to face) (F2F)

Motivate and inspire your team to better health

What you get

Healthworks goes above and beyond to provide clients with additional perks at no additional cost, aiming to streamline your responsibilities. Upon confirming a service, you will be assigned a dedicated program manager who will oversee all aspects of your service delivery.

Your program manager will offer ongoing guidance and seamlessly coordinate all Healthworks staff and contractors involved in your program. In addition to personalized support, you will also benefit from the following resources:

  • Customised promotional posters and emails bearing your logo and event details.
  • Booking and registration links for virtual delivery options to simplify the registration process.
  • Fast Facts sheets that offer concise and informative material on relevant topics.
  • Employee feedback and evaluations to gauge the effectiveness and impact of the services provided.

These extras are designed to enhance your experience with Healthworks, empowering you to effortlessly manage the delivery of services and maximise the benefits for your organisation.

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