Audiometric Hearing Tests

Our hearing checks provide your employees with a personal and confidential assessment of their current hearing status.

Why do audiometric testing?

For most, hearing loss is a gradual onset as you age. In fact, most people are unaware that their hearing is in decline until they start to experience symptoms such as asking people to repeat themselves.

As a result, poor hearing can cause a host of problematic health and safety issues in the workplace. It can cause employees to be easily distracted, or to have difficulty when listening, and it can also cause communication breakdown and frustration within teams.

In order to ensure your employees hearing and ears are functioning as efficiently possible, it is vital to identify any hearing loss as quickly as possible. This can be achieved by monitoring your hearing with annual tests.

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Onsite Audiometry Testing

Our audiometric testing is conducted onsite at your workplace and offers a convenient and cost-effective way to monitor your employee’s hearing over time.

During the check, a hearing questionnaire is completed covering general health of ears, family history, previous problems, and work related and non-work-related noise stress. Our assessors use an audiometer to perform a hearing test called “pure tone audiometry.” This audiometer produces a range of beeps and whistles that can be heard through specially designed noise reducing headphones. The candidate is required to press a button or otherwise indicate when a sound is heard.

Any participants that require further attention will be referred on to a specialist.

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