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Workplace Vision Testing

Healthworks provides vision tests promote good eye health for all employees at your workplace.

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Workplace Eye Health

In Australia, it is estimated that more than 453,000 people are affected by poor eyesight. An astounding 90% of all of these cases could be preventable and treatable**.

Making eye health a priority ensures the prevention, early detection and timely intervention of eye health conditions.

Healthworks vision tests

Healthworks provides Vision Tests for employees across Australia.

Vision Tests are 10 minutes in length and conducted by a qualified Allied Health Practitioner.

The checks provide a vital first step in ensuring pre-existing conditions are not exacerbated by occupational eye strain.


What you receive with Healthworks Vision Tests 

– Program management

– An Individual Results Booklet for every participant

– A comprehensive Corporate Report*

– Referral to the employee’s GP if required, plus a follow up with consent to referred employees

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*For 15 employees or more
**Vision 20/20 Australia

You can trust Healthworks to deliver an expert health check service

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