Health Checks

Our employee health checks are designed to ensure that you and your employees have peace of mind when it comes to your health.

Health Checks

Our onsite employee Health Checks provide a double dose of health benefits: they provide you, the employer, with an overview of your workforces health risks, allowing you to tailor future initiatives whilst also providing your employees with insights into their health through a face-to-face session with a qualified health professional.

Employees receive personalised advice, plus a booklet with their results; while employers receive a Corporate Report highlighting areas of risk, and recommendations for improvement.

Our Checks include:

Heart Health Checks

Help your employees reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease with our personal and confidential assessments. Our Heart Health Checks assess the essential risk factors for cardiovascular disease and give your employees the information and resources they need to reduce their risk and improve their health and productivity.

Heart Checks are designed to provide your staff with a personal and confidential assessment of their current health status and heart disease risk. The test is based on risk factors that increase the chances of developing heart disease, as identified by the National Heart Foundation.

At Healthworks we offer four types of Heart Health Checks:


Our Optimum Heart Health Check provides your employees with a comprehensive and confidential assessment of their current health status and heart disease risk.

Consultation time: 30 minutes


Our Premium Heart Health Check provides your employees with a personal and confidential assessment of their current health status and heart disease risk.

Consultation time: 20 minutes


Our Standard Heart Health Check measures employees’ risk factors and is accompanied by educational material to assist with risk reduce where applicable.

Consultation time: 15 minutes


Our Express Heart Health Check is a simple assessment which is designed to cover all the vital stats relating to heart health and heart disease risk.

Consultation time: 10 minutes

Other Health Checks

At Healthworks we offer a wide range of Health Checks. Please see below a list of our most popular Health Checks. Should you need something specific please contact our friendly team for more information and other Health Check options.

Hearing (Audiometry) Check

Our hearing specialists assess employees’ hearing at various decibels, using a hearing questionnaire and an Audiometer.

Lung Function (Spirometry) Check

Tests employees’ lung volume and lung efficiency, to provide an objective measurement of their lung fitness. It can also measure the severity of lung problems, with the ability to identify lung disease.

Posture & Musculoskeletal Check

Helps reduce injury and claims through professional evaluation and advice on musculoskeletal flexibility and back problems.

Core Stability & Flexibility Check

Helps employees avoid back injury, by providing an expert assessment of abdominal strength, coordination and leg/back flexibility.

Vision Check

These checks provide a vital first step in ensuring pre-existing conditions are not exacerbated by occupational eye strain.

Body Composition Check

Gives employees an accurate analysis of their current body composition.

Create immediate changes to your employees' health and wellness

What you get

Our Health Checks program also includes the following extras:

  • Marketing posters/emailers customised for your organisation
  • Program management and online booking system
  • Individual results booklet for every participant
  • A comprehensive Corporate Report*
  • Referral to the employee’s GP if required, plus a follow up with consent to referred employees

*for 15 employees or more

We provide a full-service program, including program management and internal promotion. All checks are delivered by qualified professionals.

Contact our friendly team for more information or to request a quote