Corporate health posters

Download our free corporate health posters here

Heart health posters

Grab a heart health poster and promote a healthy heart in your workplace.

Poster - 5 steps to a healthier heart

Winter health posters

Keep health top of mind all winter long with these eye-catching posters. Print them out and post them around your workplace. We’ve added some new ones for this winter!

Winter Health Poster - Up and Go Winter Health Poster - Up and Go (alternate image) Winter Health Poster - Be Chill
Winter Health Poster - Foods that Fight Winter Health Poster - 5 Ways to Stay Well Winter Health Poster - Avoid Cold and Flu
Winter Health Poster - Beat the Flu Winter Health Poster - Got a Cold Winter Health Poster - Wash Your Hands

Mental health posters

Mental health in the workplace is important. Here are five posters promoting ways to improve the mental and emotional wellbeing of your staff. Print them out and post them around your workplace.

Mental Health Poster - Help a Workmate Mental Health Poster - Move It Mental Health Poster - Mind Yourself
Mental Health Poster - Reduce the Effects Mental Health Poster - You're Not Alone

Motivational health posters

This series of five A3 posters adds zing, energy and purpose to your workplace, giving your employees extra motivation.

Motivational Poster 1 - Virgil Motivational Poster 2 - Take Care Motivational Poster 3 - Laughter
Motivational Poster 5 - Goethe Poster 4 - Pollan

How to download

Option 1: Click on the image to open the PDF, then save.
Option 2: Opposite click your mouse and select “Save link as…”
NOTE: These posters are A3 sized, suitable for printing and displaying. They may take a moment to download.

Remember, if you want to add your company logo, name or other branding to these posters, or if you want them professionally printed, we can do that for you. Call 1300 90 10 90 or email

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  • "The focus on health and wellbeing in general has already permeated through [our] culture. The Healthworks team has always been professional, friendly and responsive..."
    Human Resources Manager, Oil & Gas Exploration company
  • "The staff at Healthworks are very professional showing honest and genuine interest in our employees’ wellbeing. They motivate and encourage staff to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviours here at work and at home. We always have a wonderful participation rate..."
    Corporate Wellness Consultant, Pharmaceutical company


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