Flu Vaccinations Terms & Conditions

AVS believe in total transparency when it comes to our pricing and what our clients will be charged. In most cases our clients are charged for the total number of completed vaccinations at the rate we’ve stated earlier in this proposal. However, in some circumstances additional fees maybe charged (parking charges for the nurse being the most common).

If we know in advance of the vaccinations taking place, or as part of our proposal that there maybe additional fees, we’ll inform you and can provide a full written quote to make any additional charges as clear as possible. Through our account management we’ll work closely with you to avoid as many additional charges as possible, with the intention of not having any additional charges.

Potential Additional Charges to Clients

Nurse Time on-site

Nurses will attend the client’s premises for the amount of time required to deliver the agreed estimated vaccinations. Based on AVS nurses traditionally completing 8 vaccinations per 15 minutes (32 in an hour). Additional charges for nurse time on-site are applicable and charged at $150 per hour (pro-rata) if the following scenarios are applicable –

  • Based on an average of less than 20 vaccinations completed per hour (1 hour booking minimum). If uptake is lower than expected, AVS will assist with adjusting the session to avoid any charges for low uptake. AVS allocate the time applicable to the estimated vaccines, this is based on 8 vaccinations per 15 minutes.
  • Additional time outside of the agreed time allocated for our nurse on-site. This is classified as any additional time added not caused by AVS i.e. staff running late for session and time requested. Any additional time requested.
  • Additional time requested prior to attending site i.e. 3 hours requested to administer 30 vaccines (normal time would be 1 hour) as the average of 20 vaccinations per hour is not met, a charge of $150 x 3 will be applicable.
Standard Hours of Operation for Nurses

Vaccinations required outside of the standard hours of 8.00am – 6.00pm, will incur a surcharge of $100 per hour and will apply for each hour the service is booked before/after the standard working hours (a minimum of 1 full hour will be charged). Each hour outside of the standard business hours is charged for. For example, if a nurse is required onsite between 6am – 7am, 2 out of hours surcharge will apply.

Parking and Nurse Travel Time

AVS will invoice the cost of parking if The Client cannot provide free on-site parking for the nurse. Nurse travel time will be charged at $1.50 per kilometer for trips further than 50km from the center of the CBD as calculated by Google maps. The amount charged will be calculated as a round trip.

For example; if your office is 50km away from the CBD, 50km x 2 – 50km free = 50km x $1.50 will be charged as nurse travel time. CBD’s are counted as Sydney, Gosford, Newcastle, Darwin, Melbourne, Brisbane, Townsville, Rockhampton, Canberra, Hobart, Launceston, Adelaide and Perth.

Services Cancellation and Postponement Policy

Cancellation or postponement of the services will require a minimum of 14 working days’ notice in writing otherwise a  cancellation or postponement charge of 50% of the total estimated cost will be charged. Any cancellation or postponement within 5 working days of the delivery day will attract a charge of 75% of the total cost estimated for the services canceled or postponed.

An administration fee of $200 + GST per site visit is payable by the Client for all changes made within 5 working days of the delivery date for us to accommodate any request to change the date of your booking.

No Shows

A cap of up to 15% of your estimated total vaccination numbers is applied to sites that fall below the planned completed vaccinations. AVS will endeavor to help track these numbers along with assistance from your site coordinator to check on employee uptake. Therefore, nurse time on site may be reduced in the days leading up to the event to mitigate this prior to the event (with the agreement of the client and with the understanding of the fee involved as previous stated above).


AVS will generate an invoice for 50% of the estimated numbers upon booking confirmation (for booking greater than 15 vaccinations). Booking for less than 15 vaccinations with have the flat fee invoice generated. Pricing is based on per site visit unless otherwise agreed by AVS. A final invoice will be issued on the completion of the services based on (a) final number of vaccinations completed, plus (b) any additional costs (such as parking associated with the delivery, nurse travel time).

Payment Terms

Upon confirmation of this booking, the Company must pay AVS either by cheque, or electronic transfer, 50% of the total amount of the estimated number of vaccinations required by way of deposit (Deposit). Each invoice generated by AVS is payable within 14 days of the issue date. Confirmation of dates and services can only begin after AVS has received the deposit. Payments made later than 45 days from the date of the invoice will incur a 12% P.A. late fee per month.


Public and Professional Liability Insurance AVS are covered for both Public and Professional Liability Insurance. Our policy number is LPS016832716‐M0195 and is current until 19 June 2021.

Our current insurance (and further insurance when renewed) covers the following:

  • Professional Indemnity: AUD$10,000,000.00 any one claim and in the aggregate. The overall aggregate limit is subject to the number of reinstatements on the policy.
  • Public & Products Liability: AUD$20,000,000.00 any one claim and in the aggregate.