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5 Trends Shaping Corporate Health in the Workplace

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Progressive Australian companies are embracing and seeing the benefits of a corporate health program.   Given the busyness of life for most employees, the workplace is becoming an accepted place to promote  and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

The March 2012 edition of Corporate Wellness Magazine has an interesting article titled “Five Trends Shaping Health and Wellness at the Workplace” which highlights the acceptance of corporate health programs including lifestyle management.  The #1 trend titled “Fitting it all in: LIFESTYLE MANAGEMENT says:

“Amid the weeknight rush to get home, make dinner, help the kids with homework, do housework and get to bed at a decent hour, finding time for a workout or doctor visit seems nearly impossible. Work is a great place to integrate lifestyle-based healthy habits to fit it all into the day. Efforts such as biometric screenings, flu shots and cholesterol screenings in the workplace help prevent the risks for common, yet dangerous, health problems including diabetes, stroke and coronary disease. Companies are also teaching sleep management to help employees balance life both day and night. Employees can receive various types of incentives like gift cards or insurance premium discounts for participating in company wellness programs, which includes regular, preventative medical appointments.”

Typical examples of workplace health initiatives include an on-site corporate fitness centre and health screening programs.

To read more of the article on corporate health trends click here.


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